Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our group camping adventure

What happens when you take 11 unschooling families with kids of all ages and put them together in a group campsite?

In our case, it makes for a FUN weekend!

We had a great time playing, exploring, fossil collecting, eating, playing with Sarge & other dogs, flashlight tag, etc. with our friends this weekend while camping. It was full of good times.

The temperature dipped into the mid 40's at night the first night, but it was close to 80 during the days, and with fires and coats we had fun.

Sarge enjoyed chasing sticks in the lake and meeting the other dogs who came. He got loved on by many people and had a good time. Trainboy also enjoyed playing in the lake.

Fixitman chopped up A LOT of wood for the group fire. He is awesome. Dinoguy enjoyed helping him.
I think this is one of those experiences that photos and words are hard for me to capture. There was a great energy there and it was good times for all.


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

It was a really fin weekend. Good memories.

mariann and Tory said...

FUN! I love camping! It is our new family favorite! WE aren't going this weekend because of Halloween...and we already miss it!!

Coach Peeni said...

Remember when we all went camping and it was a little colder than 40 at night? You went home to warm up and get the kids to stop screaming....ahh the memories. Camping is sooo much fun.
And then there was the time because of poor planning on all our part we ended up having a cook out in our backyard and dinoguy got sick :(

Roni said...

It was a truly fantastic experience!
I hope we make it an annual event!!

Lori Pickert said...

ah, that looks like awesome fun


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