Sunday, October 19, 2008

State Fair Fun

"Beau" the calf of Borden milk

1200 lb pig
Texas Longhorn
Dinoguy and Trainboy are both dancing as they walk here - difficult to capture I guess.
This Lego Church scene won the "cool" award from Dinoguy.

The foot massage - a favorite toy to them, worked wonders for my feet!
Hide and seek was an interesting game in the cars. 2 kids, 2 adults makes it possible to keep an eye on them for now.
Homeschoolers can request free tickets to the state fair here. It's really nice, since they give free tickets to public school students and a day off from school to go there! We went on Thursday and had a great time! The weather had cooled off to a nice comfortable 70 approximately, so we dressed a bit warmer for the chill. (We're acclimating to the hot weather it seems!)

The boys were super excited to ride the "train that goes underground" and the bus to get to the fair, we entertained a lot of people I am sure on the ride down there. (We sprinted up the stairs to catch the train, barely making it - we were huffing and puffing for 5 minutes!)

First thing we did was hike to the "Little Hands on the Farm" exhibit where the kids don aprons and "work" on a farm. This is something we missed last year by not getting in line early enough. It was a big hit and the boys asked later to go back and do it again. I was ready to go by then so it didn't happen.

Next we visited the feeding/petting barn and had a good time feeding some of the animals. Trainboy LOVED this, Dinoguy was more interested in seeing them than feeding or touching them. One of his favorite things to see was the dancing "Operation" guys - though he didn't want a picture with them - he loved watching them be silly and dance around.

We took a food break and tried the chicken fried bacon, BBQ baloney and had our corny dogs next before heading to the food and fiber building for more indoctrination education about crops and farming in Texas and our free mini Blue Bell ice cream cone. (Shhh....I am not a Blue Bell ice cream fan, which is practically a crime here in TX).

We then headed off to the livestock barns to find the milking demonstration. We saw sheep being sheared, Dinoguy almost got licked by a cow (several times - he figured out how to cause it and thought it was hilarious), learned that Brahman cows' hump is for cooling, saw the King bull, a Texas long horn, a 1200 pound pig, a cow pooping, and finally the milking demonstration. The saddest part was when it was over and they rinsed the equipment off right into the fresh milk. I had been sitting there thinking about that lovely fresh raw milk and then to see it wasted...I was very sad. Mmm...raw milk...

We were getting a bit tired now (or I was!) and Dinoguy was asking if it was time to go to the car show yet (there is a BIG auto show at the fair and the boys love to play in cars!) so we started to head that way, first trying the fried chocolate truffles (okay) and having some fried cheesecake (still awesome!) and heading thru the craft display to see King Tut made of butter. We saw many interesting things in the craft room and the butter sculpture before deciding for another break for funnel cake & fried grilled cheese. I gazed at the signs for fried moon pies and fried s'mores but knew I was full up and ready to head home so we headed for the car show before heading home.

Fixitman likes cars, if he could have an expensive collection hobby, it would probably contain many cars. The boys have developed an appreciation for them as well, though playing in them is the highlight of the car show. I pick cars with comfy seats mostly. Highlights of the car show this year included the Ford robot who answers questions like "What do you eat?" (deep voice) "Little children - would you like to come to dinner?" and the Jeep climbing wall. (Dinoguy went to the top twice! Trainboy wasn't interested.)

When we'd made our way through a good portion of the car show we left and visited Big Tex (camera batteries were dead of course) and the trains and to give Dinoguy his promised taste of cotton candy again. (He hated it last year and hated it this year - Trainboy on the other hand loved it.) Then we went and ran for the bus as it pulled in and headed home. Busy day full of fun, fried food and learning. Tired family afterwards!


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

I love the fair! I was so bummed we didn't make it this year. Looks like you guys had a blast though!

Allie said...

Yes, you should be arrested for not liking Blue Bell Icecream. After all, it IS the best icecream in the country!


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