Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baby Blessing (February 2014)

Welcome to the family sweet baby!
Our new sweet baby was given a name and a blessing at our church in February. It was a long busy wonderful weekend. My dad flew in for the weekend and the kids loved playing with their grandpa. Many games of Uno were played and time was spent playing catch and eating delicious Texas BBQ as well.
Playing catch with Grandpa
  Then on Sunday morning early I drove about 1.5 hours away to pick up Fixitman's niece who is serving her mission there! She was given permission to come up and join us for the day which was really neat. She also got permission to hold her new cousin!
Our niece and her newest cousin!
  Missionaries usually serve in pairs and stay with their companions all the time. Instead of her companion coming with her though, a girl who was preparing for a mission and lived in their area served as her companion for the day while I served as a companion with our niece for the day. It was 1.5 hours each way so I drove for 6 hours that Sunday so she could join us and make it back to her mission service that evening. Gratefully Baby is a good car traveler and as long as he was fed regularly did not cry. My dad also helped me with the driving in the evening when I was really tired.

Blessing day
This is my fourth son and they have now all worn the same beautiful blessing outfit that my mom made back when Dinoguy was born. What made it extra special is my sister's son has also worn the outfit now and I have now sent it on to my other sister for the upcoming blessing of her new son. It's becoming a family heirloom! Baby was almost 3 months old when we blessed him and the outfit still fit but was definitely tighter than it has been on any of the other kids! We had tried to schedule a weekend when more of Fixitman's family could attend but things didn't work out, so that just made it more special to have my dad and our missionary niece there.

My sweet fifth baby
 Baby blessings aren't required ordinances, but serve as an official naming ceremony of the baby and putting them on church record as part of our family. They are also a great chance to give the new child a father's blessing and welcome them into our family with a small celebration. We celebrated by making good food - my husband's special macaroni salad and delicious sandwiches made for a relaxed but delicious Sunday afternoon supper after church.

 Our sweet new baby boy is named after a recently deceased uncle of Fixtman. His name has personal meaning from our genealogy on both sides of the family. All of my kids hold names from our family genealogy because I want them to remember their ancestors who came before them and gave them a legacy of faith and love. They also provide examples of good people who lived good lives as examples for my kids. So Fixitman and I put a lot of thought into the names we give our kids. We want their names to be someone from family history, someone who was a good person, a name we like the sound of and works with our last name, and when the baby is born that fits their personality. We had a different name in mind as a likely name before this sweet baby was born that did NOT fit him at all and we spent some good time choosing another name and seeing if it seemed to really fit him before settling on his name.
Baby and Grandpa
 I now wish we'd tried for a family photo with all of the kids but I didn't think of it at the time. People sometimes aren't keen on all my picture taking plans and I'm just happy for the pictures I have. Ah well. He's sure a cutie. We love him bunches and are so glad he is part of our family now!
Love him.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Celebrating Easter all week

Dying Easter Eggs 2013
It's almost Easter. In fact it is Holy Week and I want to do some nice activities with my kids to help them remember our Savior and learn about the significance of His actions this week. It is a little late to be planning but I made a simple plan for each day this week, trying to bridge the interest levels of my kids and incorporate family traditions and favorite activities. My goal is to celebrate and teach but keep it low key and reasonable.

The first thing I'm doing is downloading the Easter All Week booklets for the scriptures and simple summaries of what happened each day of this week. We did these before but it has been a few years and I doubt my older boys will remember.

Then in addition to the scripture readings, for my younger kids I'm reading an Easter themed story each day and for all of the kids we'll have a simple activity. While I wish I had started with something yesterday on Palm Sunday, I think it'll be okay to start today.

The books are ones I have in our personal library or have borrowed from the local library. I got ideas for books from this list.

Book – The Little Duck by Judy Dunn
Activity – Plan of Salvation puzzle
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – The Legend of the Easter Egg by Lori Walburg
Activity – Jerusalem Temple coloring page
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward
Activity – Shaving Cream Egg painting 
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – Little Bunny’s Easter Egg Surprise by Jeanne Modesitt
Activity – Dye Easter eggs
     Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – My Easter Basket and the True Story of Easter by Mary Manz Simon
Activity – Passover Themed Meal
     Scripture Reading from booklet

 Activity – Resurrection Rolls 
Book – Petook, An Easter Story by Caryll Houselandero  
      Scripture Reading from booklet

Book – I feel my Savior’s Love, Artwork by Greg Olsen
Activity – Family Easter Egg Hunt 
     Scripture Reading from booklet
 The Resurrection Rolls are a family favorite and are pretty simple. I've not done a Passover themed meal before, but using the ideas linked above I think I can do a simple one for my kids.

Well that is my plan for the week. What fun things are you doing with your family to celebrate Easter and teach about the Savior this week?

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

February 2014 Activities

February activities at our house included taking pictures of baby, dentist appointments, Fixitman deciding if he wanted to keep his beard, a violin concert, Valentine's day, a Blue and Gold banquet and baby being blessed. It was a busy month.

My room has become quite popular since I'm always trying to retreat to there to nurse in peace and quiet.
Kids just want to be with me!

This is what nursing looks like a lot of the time...paparazzi and extra kids everywhere.

One month of beard growth. It's got a lot of red in it!
Shaved it to lamb chops and a van dyke. Looked awesome. Still drove him nuts.

He decided to go back to clean shaven. It's easier to kiss anyway.
Dinoguy played in a violin concert at the beginning of February. He did awesome.
Watch the video. He's good!

Making valentines for a homeschool co-op party. Princess was writing her own name on the cards!

Helping Little Guy add plastic bugs to his cards.

Does your dentist have video games in the waiting room?
(No cavities this time for anyone! Hallelujah!)
(And yes, we went to the dentist on Valentine's day AGAIN. I didn't plan it that way!)
My edible minions from my sweetie.
My decorations for Fixitman's office on Valentine's day.
So clean!

Vinegar egg experiment with Trainboy - removes the shell but the membrane stays intact.
Holding a sleeping boy. He has grown up so fast.
Trainboy and his Fleur-de-lis cake for the Blue & Gold banquet
Look, Dinoguy was dressed up as an Indian for a cross over ceremony!
Baby loves his fingers!
Sweet smiles for me!

New favorite shirt from his Aunt
Holding up his head so well
It's true!
The baby blessing pictures will be another post. But here's one picture.


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