Monday, October 24, 2011

South Carolina trip

We were in South Carolina for most of July visiting my parents and brother. Lots of great fun was had.
Earned Junior Ranger badges at Fort Moultrie

Pirates and underground jails and storage in Charleston

Big guns in Battery Park

Big guns at Fort Moultrie
Picking and eating blueberries

My brother was a champion picker!

Grandpa and Princess

Fishing in the canal at Great Grandma's

Hi Great Grandma!

Hugging Grandparents

Bonding with Reggie the dog

A lovely grimace from Fixitman

Baby in his new church vest I finished crocheting. At the 1st beach house before it flooded...
Playing at Folly Beach
Playing in the sloo

Trainboy and his sand castle

Baby loved eating the beach

Princess had lots of fun too

So we went to Fort Moultrie, to downtown Charleston's Battery Park and the museum with the underground jail and pirates that used to be the coast but is now several blocks from the ocean. We picked blueberries, visited Great Grandma several times and spent a week at the beach. My parents got a beach house because my brother was doing a lifeguard camp all week and instead of driving the hour to and from the beach every day it was a chance for a small vacation that we enjoyed very much. Though there was the adventure of the rain that caused the beach house to flood and we had to move to another beach house! My sister came out from Utah to play at the beach too and that was fun.


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