Saturday, November 01, 2014

April 2014 Things we did part 1

April is a busy month. Here we go!

I was lucky to get to attend several exclusive concerts by these musicians:

Puzzles and games were played quite often. The game closet was a well used source of fun for the kids.
 Baby continued to grow cute and adorable. His baby hair became blond and invisible to pictures. Siblings continued to love to hold and cuddle him.

  Here's that castle Princess started coloring last month, now almost finished.

 Dinoguy practiced beautiful music on his violin.

We enjoyed our zip line. Little guy found out he loved it once he was willing to give it a try.

We watched LDS General conference and did lots of crafts.
 Baby was at the age to sit in a bumbo to be part of family fun. Here he is learning about his brother's silliness.
 Family breakfast for conference of chocolate waffles with strawberries.
 Examining the resemblance to mom in a selfie.
 Dinoguy was in a small orchestra accompanying a choir. It was a long concert.
 Wonderful spring weather meant lots of walks. On this one, the kids decided they needed pictures taken.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pictures in the Bluebonnets (March 2014)

We finally took pictures in our seventh year of seeing the bluebonnets here in Texas. It is a common tradition here and you will see people stopped along the road to snap pictures in fields during the two weeks they are in blossom. They are beautiful to see and I have meant to arrange for pictures during them for several years. However it is usually a busy period in the spring when they happen as well and they are usually gone before I realize it. This year I did arrange for a friend of mine to take some photos of us in the bluebonnets and they turned out so well!

Friday, October 17, 2014

March 2014 Activities

March 2014 brought many fun things. During Spring Break week the kids and I met cousins at the zoo and went to the natural science museum. The weather is fabulous in March and so there was lots of outdoors play. The pinewood derby happened and of course we had lots of other fun projects at home. Soccer started up again, Baseball season got underway and Baby continued to become more interesting and interactive.We were also given a zip line for Christmas. We finally got it set up. Kids loved it.
Dinoguy on the zipline

Fixitman reading books to our babies

Dinoguy tries out a Texas style bolo tie.

Princess breaks out her coloring castle. It took her 2 weeks to color it and it lasted for months. Great toy!

Sweet baby kept growing!

Potty training success for Little Dude meant getting to eat an entire chocolate bar.

Handsome men!

At the zoo with cousins

Look at the buffalo!

Princess had a blast in the sandbox with cousins. Probably one of the highlights of the zoo.

It was a hotter day so the cool temperature in the aquarium was a welcome change. Group photos weren't a success.

My nephew was not happy about all the noise.

Learning about science at the museum.

Look at the dinosaurs!

Baby wasn't impressed.

Faberge eggs.

Look I can hold my head up!

Swinging at the park

Making a cake for a fun project with Trainboy. Had an oops with the frosting. He didn't care.

My soccer player after a good practice.

Lego creations

We participated in a co-op that included art time. Princess was in heaven. She loves painting!

Playing in a creek at a park

Self portraits by my kids. Love it.

Pinewood Derby fun!

He got third place overall with his "pi" car.

Haircuts! Always an event that I procrastinate.

First baseball game for Dinoguy.

He got the gameball for a helpful play that resulted in a rally by his team.


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