Friday, February 27, 2015

July 2014

Okay I am going to catch up at some point I hope...Here's an attempt!
July 2014 was our first month in our new house. You would think that means I spent the month unpacking and moving in. Well, I did some of the time. But I'm not fast at that process and its hard so I prefer distractions. Fixitman was also working a ton all month. So here are pictures of some of the things we did.

Our new back yard is nice. It has grass and a large Live Oak the kids like to climb. Here are the kids playing in their boat. A few weeks after moving in, we learned it was good to have a boat here - we are in a flood zone! 

 Baby boy is starting to be interested in other foods besides mama milk. Love these first feeding type pictures.

 These three being cute on the bed.
 He started pulling to standing! What is happening?
 Eating Watermelon on Independence day. Such a handsome little guy. He does have pale blond hair, I promise!
 Jumping on a trampoline at a friends' house. Look at that tongue!
 Watching the fireworks that night.
 Doctors appointment random photos

 Daily walks in the neighborhood meant seeing the road crews repair and replace roads! The kids found this quite fascinating to watch.
The ditch behind our house was dredged out. If I'd known they were going to do it, there was a little baby palm tree I would have salvaged first!

 Princess received a half-birthday party this year. A great way to enjoy the new splash park almost across the street from out new home!

 Her cupcakes with blue frosting! She picked them, helped make them and decorate on them.

 She received a bunch of fancy dresses for her dolls as a present. We ended up playing for hours together. Here is her collection all dressed up. You can see the guys have lower standards for the fancy dances. These are the same dolls I used to play with at my grandmas house when I was a little girl, and their wardrobes were definitely falling apart. Grandma gave them to Princess when she was 2, but now she's started enjoying them.
Being in a flood zone and with a ditch behind the house,  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised at all the frogs I run into outside at night!

 Summer and picking tomatoes in a friends' garden. Yum!
There was a regional swim meet. Pictures of swim meets are difficult. Here's a picture of a sweet sleeping baby instead.
 Okay one picture of the swim meet. What? You can't see one of my boys immediately?
 Look at this guy stand!
He still loves crawling though and has started coming to get the camera.
 This boy went to a math camp. (At his request!) He had a blast and made a short computer video.
Summer is hot. Of course we went swimming!

 I let the kids pick my new sunglasses. Purple!
 We went to the Houston museum again. It's another fun way to keep cool in summer.

 All the kids with their friend Sloth-zilla.
 How can I say no to this face?

Lastly, a picture of my haircut. It's a rare enough thing that I had a picture taken. :)

Monday, December 29, 2014

June 2014 Activities

Princess and Little Guy petting a bunny rabbit at a Summer library event
June was mostly spent packing and preparing for a move at the end of the month! But Trainboy had cubscout camp to attend and Dinoguy received his first pair of glasses. Princess took swim lessons for the first time officially and did awesome. Little Guy was upset he didn't get swim lessons also.  Baby learned to crawl forward and sat independently. Both older boys had swim meets and we tried to make decluttering and packing as fun as possible. We also went blueberry picking and baked up a storm of blueberry goodness. Oh, and just to make the month as busy as possible, I had a genealogy based trip planned so Dinoguy and Baby went with me to Oklahoma for the Chenoweth Bi-annual reunion. Faster than we wanted, the move arrived and we transported all our belongings 12 miles up the road to our new home.
Happy baby on a walk

Having fun pushing baby at the park

Little Guy made "dragons" out of his duplos

Trainboy getting sorted for a race at a swim meet

Dinoguy up on the blocks at a meet

Get ready to swim!

Handsome boy who can buckle himself up (with a little bit of help)

Trainboy waiting for his race

Getting ready for backstroke!

We decided not to take Princess' cardboard castle. But instead of throwing it out, her dad filled it with fireworks and we had a fun burning party.

We took pictures of some art work before letting it go.  What a nice elephant!

Trainboy became pretty good at Indexing names in Family History

Picking delicious blueberries!


Baby discovered the joy of pizza crust

The only picture I can find from the Chenoweth reunion trip. We had a great time.

Fixitman and his handsome red tinted beard

Father's day breakfast and Baby trying to grab some food

This guy was able to sit up and crawl forward this month!

Dinoguy prepares to eat his delicious banana bread

The handsome new glasses

He believes all water bottles belong to him.

Dinoguy at the regional swim meet

Baby pictures while we wait at the swim meet

Trainboy preparing to swim

An old clay creation picture before we left it behind. It is a Garfield sculpture that he carefully created many details and painted. But it is broken and wasn't going to make the move well. So a picture before saying goodbye.

Tape hair! We purged some old cassette tapes

Princess had a blast at swim lessons. She learned all the skills they teach 5 year olds.

Before moving out we let them hit the walls with hammers a bit since the house was being demolished. They had too much fun and did way more demolition than I wanted.

Helpful missionaries who helped us move.

Goodbye old house. But the baby in the basket is coming with me!


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