Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in quick review

January - pick "peace" as my word for 2010.  Trainboy decides he is going to learn to read. Lots of science experiments.

February - Grandpa Actuary visits, Dinoguy loses his first tooth. Lots of snow! Princess has enough hair to get pigtails.

April - Fixitman & I have birthdays. He is out of town for both of them. Visit to State capitol. Trip to baseball game and visit from my parents and brother. Trip to Arkansas and then Little House on the Prairie.

May - Dinoguy and Trainboy start playing baseball at the YMCA.

June - Trip to Idaho and Utah to visit family. Violin concert. Princess starts attending nursery at church.

July - Trip to South Carolina for sister's wedding. Find out Baby will be another boy!

August - Trainboy starts Kindergarten (homeschool style!) Lots of vikings. Hnefatafl game.

September - Dinoguy starts cub scouts. Princess moves to a big girl bed in the kids' room.

October - Birth of Baby, Dinoguy turns 8.

November - Dinoguy's baptism, Thanksgiving with my family, Baby gets blessed.

December - Trainboy turns 6, Princess (Munchkin) turns 2. Dinoguy finishes reading entire Harry Potter series.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: A year of contemplating Peace

I chose Peace as my word this year, not knowing all that the year would bring. It has been a busy and eventful year. I really feel I have learned a lot about peace. Both internal peace and external peace. I have learned more how to listen inside myself and find out what will bring me internal peace. I have learned more what external influences can help bring me peace and are truely peaceful.

I like order and plans. Even if the plans change and the order is temporary. I have found peace in cleaning and organizing. There is something lovely about being alone with your thoughts while performing simple tasks. Sometimes I need music to motivate me, but other times I am grateful to scrub dishes, fold laundry or mop the floor and just think about things while I do.

I am learning to say no to things I really want when they are causing internal turmoil. It is more important to feel at peace then it is to experience and do everything. It is more important to find balance in life than to be constantly busy and not fulfilled.

I have found peace and happiness playing with my kids and listening to their desires. It has led to changes.

I have found peace in keeping certain routines. In making sure I get my daily scripture and meditation time. In remembering to read and pray with my children. In saying no to working outside the home even if it logically makes sense to others. I am at peace with my important role as mother. Even when it involves cleaning and laundry. I choose this life. It is mine.

I am so excited for a new year and for all the hope and possibilities I see in it. Things are full of hope and peace. It has been a wonderful year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Terrific Two!

 Munchkin has now been in our lives two whole years. She is no longer a munchkin. She is really an opinionated princess! I'm going to call her Princess from now on. It is a good connotation - she is princess of our family being the only girl.

After seeing her brother's birthdays over the past two months, Princess was ready for hers. I told her it was her cake and she was thrilled! Mah kek! she exclaimed. She beamed while we sang and then blew out the candles like a professional. 

A very tired baby does not want his picture taken. He wants to go to bed.

She also knows how to open presents and enjoyed herself thoroughly. She loves her play food, her sorting blocks and her coloring book. She also loved her "doggie" jammies. Happy birthday dear lovely Princess.

Baby thru the month

Christmas morning

 The joy of Christmas. It was a peaceful, wonderful, joyful day. We took our time enjoying it all in stages. We weren't done until 11 with opening presents because we took breaks to play with things and eat and such.

Munchkin did not talk to anyone for about 45 minutes, she was too intently playing with her kitchen.

The beginning of the 1700+ lego building adventure

Baby slept most of the day.

Mmm... macaroni salad, a troll mountain fortress and a galactic space enforcer. Recipe for success.

Thing shirts from grandma.

Lovely lovely day.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dinosaurs Unleashed

We've now been twice to visit the animatronic dinosaurs visiting the science museum. This last time we got to take my sister with us while she was here for a quick visit.
Controlling dinosaur movements
Standing in a fossilized footprint.

Don't let him bite you!
Munchkin stopped being afraid of them this time.
Dig up the fossils!

Ahh, giant bubbles
The ball floating above the cone is always fascinating.


Three boys born within the same week. Don't drop my baby Santa!
Munchkin did not like meeting Santa this year.
She did accept the candy and enjoy it thoroughly.
The older boys and Santa
(I just realized I can't really say "The boys" anymore for my older two because I have a third boy!)

Baby and dad


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