Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bits and pieces and a Happy Halloween

 Fixitman and Trainboy went to the state fair for a daddy-son date. (Dinoguy did the cub scout camp thing with his dad the previous week.) They went to a lot of areas we hadn't seen on our family trip. They test drove a nice truck, did mini race cars, played soccer and baseball (where they got the fun under eye patches) and lots more.
My dear friend with her kids and my kids - she spent the month with us, helping me out and caring for me after I had our new baby. 

My three and her two the day before new baby was born.
My three trick or treaters! Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker and a fairy princess. 
The tiara disappeared, the glasses got broken, a robe ripped and we had to find a new wand. But they had fun. Grandma came to visit shortly after baby was born and help out. She took them to the church trunk or treat.
My mom and I (and Munchkin). (Photo by Dinoguy) Love ya mom.
Baby and Grandma.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My belly bump pics

Yes, he's already here. But here I am at 39 weeks and then 40 weeks 2 days (the day before he arrived!)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Depot Safety Fun

Before baby, at the beginning of the month. Munchkin's second time to get to build the project and of course the cool police helicopter, firetruck and meeting the Home Depot guy.

Afterward, Fixitman and Dinoguy headed off to a cubscout day camp that was boy heaven. I wish we'd atleast taken a picture of how dirty Dinoguy was when he got home (and Fixitman had hosed him off before bringing him home!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

He's here!

 Meet our new baby boy!

Showing boys the placenta and cord.

"what's that?" (her favorite phrase)
Ready to head home

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

State Fair

I'm not so sure about this train.
Are we there yet?
Yay for free tix to the state fair! We rode the train down and had a blast. The kids loved seeing the animals, going around the pretend farm and trying some of the fun foods. Super super tired after all that fun!

Elsie the Borden cow
Look a giraffe!
Mr Ostrich wants food for his picture!
Hmm, maybe we'll skip trying to take a family photo while y'all are hungry.
Let me down! I've got to get to work on the farm!
Would you like your egg back Ms chicken?

Let's see, I put the dirt in the watering can right?

They gave me fruit snacks!

It's a sheep!

You wouldn't take my chicken fried bacon would you mom?
Big Tex and the boys

Why use the backpack when I can sit on Dad's shoulders?
I'll take this minivan to go please. I mean, are the boys done playing in cars yet?

Monday, October 04, 2010

Museum of Nature & Science Dinosaur Days

Dinoguy made a mad dash for the "hatching dinosaur eggs" craft table. It was pretty much why we went. Cute craft idea - basically they made dirt eggs with a tiny dinosaur toy inside and the kids helped "hatch" the dinosaurs out of their eggs.
While Dinoguy had his dinosaur hatched in 30 seconds, Trainboy carefully carved his dinosaur out of his egg. Dinoguy headed straight to the fossil digging exhibit nearby while Trainboy went thru each of the other craft tables, making one of each.
Here is Munchkin wearing Trainboy's monster mask and holding the picture she drew. They had the fun black paper that when you scratch it with a tool reveals colors underneath. Did I mention she loves to color? She LOVED that craft.
Trainboy drawing his picture.

We also went to all the exhibits and at the nature building learned more about dragonflies before playing in the interactive light exhibits for a long time. Lots of fun.


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