Sunday, June 28, 2009

6 months!

Munchkin turned 6 months old officially. Where has the time gone?

I realize this also means the boys have grown another half-year.

I remember when Dinoguy was a baby. I was very impatient for him to do interesting stuff and interact more with me.

Perhaps since he seems to be growing by leaps and bounds intellectually now or perhaps because it is my third and I have started to learn how fast kids really grow that I am trying so much harder to savor and appreciate all the beauties of my baby girl.

I have stepped away from taking hundreds of pictures all day long in favor of spending the time on the floor with her as she scoots backwards everywhere.

I prefer to be reading a book with the kids then writing a post about what we are up to lately.

I can be found out in the garden spraying the tomatoes for mites and pushing Munchkin in her swing, hanging the laundry on the line. Trainboy will be jumping on the trampoline and helping me check the plants for bugs. Dinoguy may be helping push Munchkin, or on an expedition or in a battle or perhaps discussing how to best hang the laundry with me.

Munchkin is mostly just squealing with laughter in the bucket swing and alternatively reaching to me saying "pick me up!" We have been doing part time EC as she seems to really want to. She was making the sounds when I took her to the potty the other day. She is amazing.
She seems to be cutting more teeth since she loves to bite with the two she has. They are razor sharp. She rolls and turns and scoots backwards very quickly, using her feet to navigate around most obstacles. She is lunging herself at everything on the table within her reach meaning we only have about half the table to use. She flipped my dinner on the floor last week. She is growing impatient with baby cereal and mashed food and wants whatever we have. She drinks well from a sippy cup and pretty good from a regular cup.

She doesn't sit unassisted yet and throws herself onto her tummy to move around when put in a tripod usually. She is falling asleep unassisted sometimes. She is done with being swaddled and wriggles loose. She loves sitting between her brothers in our new (to us) station wagon in the bigger car seat b/c she outgrew the infant seat.

My word this year is listen and I've been doing a lot of it. I haven't written as much usually as I want to b/c I'm too busy listening to sit down and type. I am writing this as fast as I can when I should be in bed tonight. Life is definitely busy, joyful and amazing here.

Fixitman snapped these cute photos of Munchkin when she scooted under the couch yesterday. Precious babe.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Making sister laugh

The boys making Munchkin laugh. About 00:24 you can see her bouncing and laughing really great. She was doing a ton of it before I went and grabbed the camera. (note that this video is pretty loud!)

Note to those getting this in email form. You may need to click this link to visit the blog webpage in order for the video to show up.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

First toothies

In which Munchkin looks at me questioningly as I stick fingers in her mouth to show off the teeth she got 2 weeks ago. Today was her first trip to the dentist and first tooth brushing.

Dinoguy will be losing some baby teeth soon according to the dentist (says 2 are slightly loose) and also had a mesiodens (third tooth) that will have to come out some time as well. Trainboy's teeth are fine. 3 kids at the dentist wasn't bad at all.

Sunday play

It's always fun to play outside on the swingset.

When the kids are being cute, it's fun to take pictures.

Munchkin loves the swing.

This is Rufus, our foster dog:
Here's Sarge, too busy to stay still:
This one was taken by Dinoguy:
And this one was taken by Trainboy:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rice cereal

Munchkin has been growing so fast! She is eating rice cereal now. Here are some pictures from her first taste.

What are we doing?

Interesting food there dad. Will I get some?

Hey, why does mom have a camera anyway?

That is... interesting. Hmm. Does it come in a different flavor?

Mmm... it's alright. At least I finally got to try some food. When do I get chocolate?

Here's a video of her eating as well. :)

Friday, June 05, 2009

Visiting friends

Last week we went to Arkansas to visit a dear friend of mine who has 3 boys. It's hysterical to us that we now have 6 kids between us because I think in our minds we aren't much different from when we met in college.

But we do. Have 3 kids each. Wow. That's a lot.
Luckily only 4 of them are mobile so far. Phew!

While we love to see one another, this wasn't just a "hey, we're coming to visit" type of visit. This was a helping kind of visit. Her baby is just a week older than mine.
She's been having some nursing problems since she got mastitis last month. She hasn't been able to get her milk supply back up and that sweet baby had lost a little bit of weight. She's been having a hard time. Her doctor wasn't helpful with her nursing problems. Neither was the baby nutritionist. Sweet baby boy rejected the formula option too. He refused it. She'd been pumping 4+ times a day in addition to feeding him as much as she could and starting cereal. He would only suckle when there was milk though and wasn't getting enough it seemed. How could I help? I wondered. I thought of something and offered and she thought it was a great idea. Up we went to visit.

She & I nursed each others babies. My sweet munchkin helped increase her milk supply with her excellent suckling abilities and her sweet baby boy got more than enough milk from my bountiful bosoms.
With just 2 days of switching babies her milk supply on the affected side had increased to normal again and she was again feeling confidence in her nursing abilities. Happy babies and happy mommies rejoiced. We had a great visit and lots of fun as well. It was a good trip.

5 month old babies

I can't help it, I just love taking photos of babies.

Every photo is cute in some way. They are always being cute.

You'd think I'd want to take more pictures of kids doing things. Like jumping and playing. But no, those photos are harder. Those subjects keep moving!

Babies just smile at you.

Sweet 5 month old baby cuteness.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Something new in our yard

There's something new in our backyard...

(Side note: Did you notice that I cleaned off the clothesline and am using it? LOVE it!)
We were given a trampoline! How cool is that?(Adjust camera to motion settings!)
So many fun uses to a trampoline. :)

Another Sunday dress

Well, I guess I'm enjoying this time when I can dress her up cute before she protests. :)

Thank goodness for big brother, he can always make Munchkin laugh. :)


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