Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 09, 2009


A photo with all three kids looking & smiling!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

9 months already!

Munchkin has already passed the 9 month mark! Time is really flying by. She is adorable and cute and lovable and getting so big so fast!
And she really likes to use her chompers. She chomps on everything and loves to try new foods. She claps when she's happy (see first picture), opens cabinets, pulls out books, tears paper to eat, pulls to standing on everything, and loves to play the piano. Life is full of exciting new experiences and she is enjoying them.
Especially brothers. They are a lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Trying out clubs & classes

We are participating in a clubs/classes co-op this fall as part of our homeschooling. It is once a week and involves a sign language class for Trainboy, a simple cooking class for Dinoguy, a gym class, and another hands on activity group. The boys were interested in the classes so we decided to try it out. It has been a positive experience. Here are some highlights from last week:
Munchkin attempts to shove an entire plum into her mouth.

Trainboy finds a new hidey-hole.

Popsicle paints for young learners (half tempera paint/half water frozen with popsicle sticks in a mold). (My picture is early in the painting before the kids really started putting paint everywhere, including all over themselves). This was a fun new way to paint.

Paper airplane making discussions.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

General Conference thoughts

I love listening to general conference. I was thrilled when Fixitman made it so we could have the internet stream on our TV this time, since we don't have cable anymore. I try to purposely stay home and have nothing else going so I can listen to all four sessions. A side benefit to this is a whole weekend where we are all in the house together enjoying each other with no outside distractions.

I encourage the boys to listen to the talks but allow them to be kids. Dinoguy enjoyed playing the matching games at the Friend magazine website during the sessions and I used the printable conference notebook for my notes. We draw pictures, take notes, work on crafty projects, cook and bake together, all while enjoying the inspired counsel from the prophet and other leaders.

While April's conference seemed to be about surviving the hard economic times and recognizing the lessons in adversity, to me this conference had more about doing the small and simple things that are necessary to maintain our spiritual health. I certainly heard my word for the year, Listen, often. I look forward to studying the talks more in the next 6 months until next conference.

My notes/highlights from talks:

Prophet Monson: There is no regret in being too kind.
President Eyring: We can have peace and assurance of knowing we are on the Lord's path for us.
President Uchtdorf: Love is the defining characteristic of a disciple of Christ. Listen for the Lord's voice in everything.
President Packer: Learn from the spirit, stay close and it will protect you. Learn to pray and pray often in your mind and heart, but conclude with "thy will be done".
Elder Perry: Learn lessons from the past way of viewing the future and listen to the spirit for individual guidance.
Elder Nelson: Prayer is more amazing than phone technology. Be prepared by being obedient to commandments.
Elder Oaks: Explanation of Gods love versus divine law. Gods laws will not change for anyone. Gods love will not excuse us from following his laws. Listen. Can feel Gods love anytime. Model our parenting like that of God.
Elder Ballard: (did not speak to my knowledge)
Elder Scott: Write down impressions of the spirit and listen to feelings of peace. Practice hearing and it will become easier. Strong emotions overcome delicate communication of the spirit. Pray with the fervor of your soul, in humility and gratitude.
Elder Hales: Don't constrain the spirit. Develop a testimony and belief in God and it will bless family, posterity and friends. Knowledge of God gives purpose to life.
Elder Holland: Bore strong testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. Discussed martyrdom of Joseph & Hiram Smith. Allegory of Lehi's dream. Mists of darkness make an already difficult journey harder. Successful traveler resist ALL distractions. There is happiness and hope for the faithful in the travail of the last days.
Elder Bednar: Become more diligent and concerned at home. Express love and show it! Bear testimony and live it! Be consistent.
Elder Cook: We have stewardships for selves, families and for poor and needy. Teach children to be accountable for time and talents. Important to fill home with gospel learning. Follow counsel of the prophet to serve those in need.
Elder Christofferson: Have moral discipline to choose the right, and reject the self absorbed life in favor of developing a life worthy of respect. Laws and police enforcement cannot replace customs & morality. There can never be enough rules and will limit freedoms of all. Internal moral compasses must be established. Constantly teaching mostly by example. Have standards like stripling warriors.
Elder Anderson: Come unto the Savior and be spiritually wrapped in his arms. His arms are open and extended. Repentance always means greater happiness is ahead.
Sister Matsumori: Spirit only dwells in clean temples. Let virtue garnish thoughts unceasingly. Pray, read scriptures and invite Spirit into our homes. Make time for still and quiet each day and listen to give the still small voice an opportunity to talk to us.
Brother Clayton: Burdens can be consequences of natural conditions, results of others deeds or from our own sins. Burdens bring blessings, though it takes time and prayer to understand. Adversity is a small moment. It invites us to yield to the Holy Spirit, to be perfected and grow. Examples: work, poverty, war.
Brother Oglethorpe: Inspired teachers save spiritual lives. Draw upon the spirit to be effective teacher. 3 points from Elder Bednar: Key doctrin, Invitation to action & promised blessings. Goal of gospel teaching is not to pour info in but to think about, feel about and do something about knowledge gained. Aim High. Rely on the Lord and he'll help us do the impossible. Learn truth and then teach it, following example of the prophet Joseph Smith.
Brother Olsen: Prayers given 32 years previously while he was a missionary in Finland that seemed impossible will fulfilled. His son was missionary in city he was praying for while he was a missionary.
Bishop Burton: Teach the -ity virtues. Parents, remain steadfast in raising kids in righteousness.
Sister Dibb: Use the safety equipment! Pray, Read scriptures, Listen to the prophets and the Holy Ghost.
Brother Ringwood: Bring up children in light and truth. The easiness and willingness to listen to the word of God comes into our lives by doing the small things like prayer and scripture study.
Brother Sitati: Blessings of the temples in Africa to people there.
Brother Zeballos: God requires our best but not more than that. Do our part. Remember our covenants.
Brother Callister: Peter the apostle had weaknesses, but was a great man. Joseph Smith is similar. We gained 4 important truths from the first vision. God and Jesus Christ are separate beings. God and Jesus Christ ahave glorified bodies of flesh and bones. The Heavens are not closed. Lastly, the Full and Complete Church of God was not on the earth at the time of the vision.
Brother Watson: Security is found in self control and being temperate. Happiness is in diligence. Be patient in affliction. Be kind even when others are unkind.
Brother Renland: Heart transplants compared with the mighty change of heart brought by the spirit. Heart transplant patients must take rejection medication and have regular biopsies, but many become casual and figure if they feel fine, they must be fine. Similarly, the ultimate operation of a mighty change of heart requires great care because the tendency of the natural man is to reject the spiritually changed heart. Read questions in Alma 5 as a biopsy. It is a spiritual death trap to become casual with our prayers and scripture study. Be eager to please God and worship him with fervor and passion.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Home Depot Safety Month

October is Safety month at the local Home Depot kids building projects which means police helicopters, fire engines, a bounce house, and more along with the building project (a firehouse bank).

Fixitman had a meeting all day so I got to take all three kids myself and help build two banks at once. I only messed up a little and was able to fix it luckily. (I am so bad with these projects, I have learned more than the kids have I think.) Luckily Munchkin was happy to sit in the sling and watch and wasn't too grabby b/c I don't know how we would have done it otherwise.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pineapple update

Remember the pineapple tops I rooted and planted last year? No? Here's what they looked like when I first potted them.

Here are what the pineapples look like now.They have to come back inside now that its getting below 60 at night. I clipped the pointy tips of the leaves, they are dangerous! The small one in front I thought had died, but then it sent up a new plant on the side. Sometime this winter hopefully the flower bud will start to form and maybe next year we'll have fresh pineapple! It's a jungle in our house now!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Family photos

We're trying to get a good family photo. Not an easy task with 3 kids. We figure if we keep trying on Sundays, we might get one with everyone looking at the camera and smiling at some point before Thanksgiving. Of course, this requires getting someone to take the photos and ideally another individual to entertain the kids while said photo shoot is occuring.

This is the best one from last week. I think its pretty good! It was also the first one taken. I have a theory about that - they just seem to go downhill from the first one. We're going to keep trying, since I'd like to have all of us smiling and with no hands out of place. At least the results are entertaining. (Or scary - guess it depends on your perspective!)Hope you are having a great General Conference weekend! We are!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sourdough starter

...Or why you should not put it in a jar with a screw on lid.

That is not even the half of what I had to clean up in my kitchen afterward. No one was hurt, but the starter sure shot out well when Fixitman punctured the lid once we realized my mistake. Luckily a small amount stayed in the jar for me to salvage and grow into new starter. So it wasn't a total loss - just a pain to clean up.


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