Thursday, May 30, 2013

January 2013 Art creations

We made several fun art projects this year. The following ones are actually all from January when I actually took pictures of all the projects.

 While I am not an amazing artist, I do like art and want my kids to develop appreciation for it in addition to learning the basic skills. Art is FUN!

Also, Princess' REALLY likes art projects. She loves participating in them and does them much longer than anyone else. I need to have lots of fun art just for her interests.

This art project was about lighting, seeing the way the shadows change the snowman's coloring. I got the idea here. (And I LOVE pinterest for kids art ideas. It has helped me discover some awesome art teacher blogs full of ideas!) Plus drawing snowmen is fun when you have no snow!
My example snowman

Dinoguy's snowman

Trainboy's snowman

Princess' first snowman

Princess' second snowman
Princess drawing yet another snowman. (She liked this project!)
 This next one was a drawing exercise from the book "Drawing with Children" by Mona Brookes. We drew the lion from step by step instructions, embellished and then we colored before outlining in marker.
This is Dinoguy's Lion.

This is Trainboy's lion

This is Princess' lion

Here is my example lion.
 This was also a drawing exercise from the same book as above. The goal was to work on drawing objects in front of other objects (overlapping wings/birds).
Dinoguy's birds

Trainboy's drawing

Princess' birds

Little Guy's drawing

My example birds
 This next one was kings and queens portraits done with tempera paint. It went along well with our history study of the middle ages and was fun! Idea came from this blog.
Dinoguy's King
Trainboy's knight

My queen
 Princess and Little Guy were happily painting the whole time too. But they are still in the exploration stage of painting when you mix colors and fill in the whole page until it is muddy. So no pictures of that. I just tried to contain the mess.

Dinoguy's abstract art/stained glass

Trainboy's abstract art/stained glass


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