Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Story writing

Today's writing game was to roll dice and see how many words you get to add to the story. It went really well, Dinoguy wrote 30-40 words happily and Trainboy wrote about 10-15. I got to write the very end thru dictation as they were done writing. I believe it was a successful way to have fun and practice some writing. Here is our story below, it is quite fun.

The Angry Tiger by Dinoguy, Trainboy & Mom

Once there was a tiger and he was angry! One day the tiger was sleeping, but a mouse jumped on him. The tiger was hungry and he wanted a person to eat. So he asked the mouse "Where can I find a person?" "You can find a person outside of the jungle." The tiger said "Thank you" and gobbled up the mouse. Then he went out of the jungle. but whenever he saw a person, they ran to safety. The tiger decided to get to the cheetah's house to ask for help to catch a child for them to eat. The cheetah said "I will help with you." So they built a trap to catch a child. They hid nearby and waited for a child. After 12 minutes a child came and was caught! The trap had macaroni and cheese in it and the child was trapped by a cage falling. They ate the child right up before he even got to eat the macaroni and cheese. The end.

Friday, January 08, 2010

January 8

Fixitman & I had a meeting this morning so the kids got to play with friends and watch movies. Then I returned, we had lunch. Next came shape collage time. We traced shapes and cut out shapes for a collage and basically played with scissors and glue. Good times for kids. Followed by shape play with the outlined pictures you fill in.

Dinoguy chose to go outside for some bouncing but Trainboy found it too cold. Next we baked some Amish Friendship bread (yummy) and we practiced Violin. Then it was time for an Age of Mythology playoff but computer problems prevented it. Video games instead. Suddenly it was dinner time and bed time.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Dinosaur painting before breakfast.Cute new coat and shoes for Munchkin (just in time for super cold weather!)

Violin practice & Sign language.

Off to friends' house so I can teach piano and then we did more gumdrop building and made muffins. Yum!

Football game party in the evening.

Busy day full of friends and fun.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gumdrop building

Today after we got home from our trip to violin lessons and shoe shopping we watched a video about solids, liquids & gases. It went well with what we did yesterday experimenting with popcorn and discussing how water inside it turning to a gas causes it to explode out of its shell and "pop".

Then we built shapes out of gumdrops and toothpicks. The boys were much more creative then me, but we had a good time building a gumdrop city. Munchkin squealed with glee when she saw the gumdrops and immediately grabbed several to stuff in her mouth. She kept trying to eat the boys creations too.

At some point I said to them "Today is done, today was fun, tomorrow is another one." They liked that bit of wisdom and when I said it was from a book on their bookshelf, Dinoguy demanded to know which one. I told him it was Dr. Seuss but he still didn't find it. I pulled it off the shelf for him. We read it, we read several other books and more in our chapter books. Another lovely day.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fresh start

January and the end of the holidays brings a fresh start to homeschooling for us. Yesterday and today have been rewarding, the boys have loved the new suggestions and ideas I've provided. We've been using some games from Games for Writing and some experiments from Science Experiments you can Eat. We've done some online Spanish practice games and watched sign language videos and Dino Hunter. There's been a lot of bouncing on the trampoline, some popcorn art projects, jell-o, and reading. Lots of reading. We are reading The Phantom Tollbooth as well as finishing up A Christmas Carol in addition of course to lots of fun shorter books. Munchkin loves the Sandra Boynton books, like Blue Hat, Green Hat.

Wribbling the pizza orders of various superheroes was quite an undertaking. The pizzas were massive and creative. The orders came from Hawaii, China, even outer space. No whales were harmed. (N.B. Wribbling is writing/scribbling combined, a concept in the book Games for Writing).

I'm not one to take pictures much of the time, but perhaps I may try it again soon. Thus far, the journey is full of joy. Also, I feel at peace in these times. It's what they crave, and I love it too. It is a reminder of what a joy homeschooling can be.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Munchkin's walking

The inbetween stage of walking on knees was interesting. I'd not seen it before.

When she started walking, she was good at it. Turns, pivots, stops and starts. She's got it all.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Munchkin's 1st birthday

An entire year has passed since Munchkin joined our family. She is no longer a babe, but an active toddler with a passion for discovery, as well as for eating paper and dirt.

On her first birthday we were seated in the living room when Munchkin slid off her dad's lap and toddled across the room to the other couch. It was her first demonstration of her walking skills. Here is a video of her pushing her stroller/ walking as we tried to capture it on camera. Better video tomorrow.

We had some family and friends over and gave her the traditional Duff 1st birthday cake with a clown head on it. After some hesitation and a taste of frosting, she chose the clown head. She then happily ate the clown head and a piece of cake, making a huge mess and enjoying every minute of it.

Friday, January 01, 2010

2010: Peace

There are many words I wanted to choose for my word this year. But the word that I keep coming back to is peace. So 2010 becomes the year of seeking to be peaceful, finding peace, making peace, looking for peace, listening for peace.

Peace has many definitions. Number 6 is freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, anxiety, an obsession, etc.; tranquillity; serenity. That is where I think I'm starting.

Think of those days where you know you are doing what needs to happen, when you feel at peace with your role and that you are fulfilling it well. I seek more of that, in contrast with the days where I am hurriedly running around trying to get us to various appointments and commitments and barely have time to take care of eating. Doing too much takes away my peace.

Peace fits me perfectly this year because in seeking peace in my actions I can be positive that it is the right path for my family. It's a perfect follow up for me to gentle and listen because gentleness and listening are things you must posess in seeking peace.

In my daily living, by seeking peace I will find more happiness in daily life and an assurance I am on the right path. I believe seeking peace can help keep priorities in order.

I believe it can help me become more like Definition 7, a state of tranquillity or serenity. I wish to be a more peaceful person.

I already am peaceful compared to the me 10 years ago. But there is more progress I can make, and in 2010 I seek to find daily peace in my soul

What is your word this year?


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