Saturday, February 26, 2011

February Snow

We had a week of ice and cold weather at the beginning of February as well as some real snow at the end of the week. It was too powdery for snowmen but we had fun in other ways. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Potty training

Starting mid January Princess was introduced to the little training potty. She was ecstatic. After I cleaned it and reassembled it, she carried it away and tried it out, using it almost immediately. She knew what it was for without any explanation. Wow.

So began the official potty training adventure with her. She has been showing signs of readiness for months. However I wasn't starting the adventure when I was about to have a new baby or had just had a new baby.

We went to the store to pick out some potty treats and presents. She chose M&M's, Minnie Mouse underwear, sparkly hair clips and new stripey socks as her prizes. We made up our potty dance and song to sing when she makes it. She is doing fabulously. She has not had a defecation accident in weeks. Urination is harder. She makes it most of the time but sometimes is too busy playing to notice and I fail to remind her. I am having her wear training pants at night right now because I am tired of washing her sheets every single day. I probably need to work on a better night routine to help ensure night dryness. Anyway, having her (mostly) toilet trained is pretty fabulous.

I took these pictures at the beginning of this month because her outfit was so cute and hilarious. She wears a lot of dresses right now so that her bare bottom isn't always showing. What a cute bum it is though.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's very bouncy at our house now.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

January snow

We had a small amount of snow fall the second Sunday in January. The most amusing part was Princess' reaction. She came out of church and starting pointing and yelling at the snow quite animatedly. Not sure what she was saying but she didn't seem to like it. Later that evening the boys insisted on going out and playing in the snow despite the bitter cold and she went with them so she could yell at the snow some more.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Trainboy's party

A month after he turned 6 I was finally feeling able to throw Trainboy a small birthday party. So we had a few friends over and had a superhero party. The weather required it to be an all indoor party so we rearranged the front room as best we could.

Bless his heart, Trainboy thought I would make a big 3 dimensional Human Torch cake for his birthday (since I made R2D2 last year!). Thankfully he was very happy with the cake being on "fire" and the mini figurines fighting around it.

We made origami ninja stars, superhero wristbands and drew our own comic books. We chased a villain (Fixitman) who threw candy at the superheroes to try and get away. We played twister, ate strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and watched Jack Jack Attack (from the Incredibles) before Trainboy opened his presents and said bye to his friends.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Our first Pinewood Derby

Dinoguy has been excited about the pinewood derby since last year when a friend was making his car. He couldn't wait for his turn this year. He designed the car, did some sanding and helped paint it. Fixitman cut it out twice (after accidentally breaking the first one). Fixitman also spent a ton of time doing things to the wheels and axles. It was amusing to tease him about it.

And right before the pinewood derby, I was asked to become the den leader! So now I get even more learning experiences about cub scouts! It has been fun so far.

My impression of the pinewood derby overall: It was really long. Over three hours. Why each car had to race more than ten times is beyond me. I was very tired by the end of it. Baby slept almost the whole time, Princess ate a lot of sugar, and both Trainboy and Dinoguy had a blast cheering on the cars.

Dinoguy did get a medal for fastest in the wolf den and a certificate for "fastest looking" car. His car was a tenth of an ounce lighter than allowed and we think that is why it was fourth fastest instead of overall fastest.Or maybe because Dinoguy dropped it right as we were heading there. Apparently the balance on the axles is very delicate and the weight is very important. He had a great time and now I know more than I had ever even thought possible to know about making tiny wooden race cars.


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