Saturday, July 31, 2010


Despite intermittent rain all 4th of July weekend, we did get to go see the fireworks. We did not go play in the fountains first though because of the lightning.

It was still a lot of fun to see the fireworks. We had my sister and her fiance with us.
I love seeing the fireworks. Its just magical.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Water guns

June really was a lot hotter than July seems to have been.
Water guns are a fun way to cool off. Especially when you are finally big enough to pick them up!

Munchkin enjoyed putting on her helmet and riding the trike while laughing at her brothers.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Safari at the Zoo

As part of the very cool Kids Club membership that we were given to the Museum of Nature and Science as a Christmas present from Grandparents, we were invited to a special event as part of the new Safari area at the Zoo.

The highlight was feeding the giraffes. They come right up and pull the lettuce out of your hand. Trainboy wasn't ready for how fast the giraffe took his lettuce.

There were also lots of crafts and activities. One pavilion has an elephant behind that when you hit it, it farts. Can I tell you how long we were there because that was the funniest thing in the world? The boys enjoyed painting their own faces and Trainboy personalized his paper bag lion by making it into an elephant instead.

Even though it was the evening, it was hot. Munchkin rode around in the stroller and would not share the water bottle. She really wanted to go into the enclosure with the elephants and was disappointed I wouldn't hop the fence.

If you ask Dinoguy what his favorite part was, it was the music. The African drummers had children participation and he really enjoyed it and kept going back for more. Here's a nice loud video showing some of his personality in drumming. Then my camera battery died.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

End of Baseball

The baseball season ended at the beginning of July. The boys both had a lot of fun and I hear constantly from Dinoguy about his plans for next year and practicing for it now.

Trainboy's last game was actually in June because we were out of town for his last two games. Here are two fun videos from his last game - him getting a good hit and running around the bases (his dream!) because he was the last batter in the inning. The rules of tball make it a fun video. The second video is him fielding the ball and running it home (though no one was headed home). Well, atleast he knows to get it to a base!

Dinoguy doesn't have as many videos because I was the coach and Fixitman was keeping Munchkin from storming the field. We made a video of him hitting but he misses on all his pitches. He didn't get a hit that game, which upset him. He had gotten a hit or two in every game previous.

We did go out with some of the team for ice cream afterward which was a lot of fun for him.
And finally, Dinoguy's team photo.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fly by Utah visit

I'm not kidding when I say this was a fast trip in June. 24 hour drive, 36 hours in Idaho, 36 hours in Utah, 24 hour drive. That's how our 5 days were structured.

In Utah, we got to see my brother's new home, meet my sister's fiance finally, my other sister's boyfriend and the boys got a up close and personal meeting with some sea creatures. I got to prune some roses and reminisce about how much I enjoyed caring for roses.

We had a water balloon fight too.

There is a law about water balloons. You can spend hours filling them up and getting ready, but there will never be enough when it is time to play with them. The disappear quickly!

The kids loved the trip and I think Munchkin expresses our feeling about only being able to visit for such a short time best here:

Monday, July 26, 2010

Forgot to mention

Munchkin is going to be a big sister!

He'll be making an appearance in October this year. We are very excited to meet him.

Munchkin loves to give kisses and zurberts to my belly. He is a strong kicker already. Both Dinoguy and Trainboy are very excited as well.

Consider yourself officially informed. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visiting Idaho

We attempted to set a speed record for visiting family in the west in June. We were gone a total of 5 days including travel I think. It was 3000+ miles of fun.

We got to see family we don't get to see very often and meet new babies born since we last visited. We got to celebrate babies and anniversaries and birthdays in our short visit. It was fantastic!

Visiting family is important and worth the time and money IMHO. While it would be ideal to just live near everyone, with family from coast to coast, it just isn't possible for us and Texas is right smack in the middle.

Here Munchkin looks away since I'm taking a picture, right after she inspected her new cousins.

Here is Trainboy holding his newest cousin.

Here are the birthday girl and birthday grandpa who share a birthday.

Here are some cousins enjoying one of the best kid toys - a pile of dirt and sticks.

Here is Munchkin and Fixitman with cousins in the best picture from an amusing series.
And here is part of the kid gang enjoying a trampoline.

There's a great story that happened shortly after this photo was taken. It involves the phrase "You know what would help?" My advice is to not say that phrase to your kids.

And the best part of visiting grandparents may be when Grandpa agrees to read a book to you over and over and over and over...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dismantling chairs

We had a yard sale in May to clean out the garage of random stuff. One thing that didn't sell were the two backless chairs. Not even for a dollar. Fixitman put the boys to work dismantling them into wood pieces for other random uses. They had a blast.

And where was Munchkin during this? When she found out she couldn't go outside, she did the next best thing I guess.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Sunflower house that wasn't

Well it sounded lovely, romantic and easy in the books...

We dug out a trench in the yard in a sunny spot and planted the seeds. The squirrels then ate more than half of them. I replaced a bunch and the squirrels ate a lot of those too. I improvised a fence from what materials I had on hand in the shed (plastic sheeting and random poles). The plants grew and we had the semblance of walls. As the temporary wall started to fail though, it became prudent to replace it with something better. I thought chicken wire would work well. I was short on chickenwire and improvised on the last corner until I could get to the store.

But we started to lose sunflowers immediately. They'd get knocked over at the base and break. If they were only bent I staked them up hoping to help them survive. I blamed the squirrels (except for the one Munchkin accidentally tackled.) Then we saw the birds sitting on the chicken wire and going after the sunflowers. This is before there are any semblance of blossoms! So squirrels, birds, possibly rabbits for all I know attacked our sunflowers and slowly there were less and less of them.

The sunflowers also stopped growing taller. I guess the early hot weather and not enough water are mostly to blame but the "giant sunflowers" that survived never surpassed 3 feet. We did get a few small blooms. The moonflower vines that were supposed to grow up the sunflowers and make the roof had nothing to grow on in most spots and just tangled up in the grass. When we were down to 3 sunflower plants in just one corner and it was mid June I gave up. I mowed it down except for that corner and tried to protect that corner. The beasties got them in a few days and now all that remains of the sunflower house we attempted are 4 poles hammered into the ground in the yard.

I have a friend who was growing a sunflower/corn house. Hers did about the same as mine. Amusingly the sunflowers that ended up planted next to her house were 10+ feet tall. The ones in the sunflower house? 3 feet. I'm not sure what to tell you but Sunflower houses aren't as easy to grow as they sound.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mother's Day & Father's Day

Part of me doesn't want to post pictures of myself shortly after waking up but then I feel its only fair since I want to post the pictures of Fixitman shortly after waking up.

Our family tradition has evolved into breakfast in bed made with help by the kids and then eaten with help by the kids. It's more fun than eating it yourself!

So here are a few photos from our two weeks later Mother's Day:

And here are photos from Father's Day:

As you can see, bacon is the key ingredient to a good breakfast in bed. And since it is feeding three hungry kids as well, you need lots of it!


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