Monday, October 20, 2008

Dinosaur Party for Dinoguy

This month marks the sixth birthday of Dinoguy. He has planned and asked for a large dinosaur party for some time now, so this past Saturday, we had a party!
Kids head off to play on the rocks around the pond
Dads are good for keeping an eye on kids while Moms put out food. These photos are all I get to see of their fun too.
So I have no idea what they are playing/planning here.
They seem to be having a lot of fun though!
Coloring dino tails for "pin the tail on the dinosaur"
Trainboy carefully designs his dino tail
A decent shot of the two cakes. My partysaurus and Dinoguy's original artwork. Why is he so pensive?
Adding candles
During the singing
Lovely loud chorus of friends
Did he get them all blown out? Yes!
After cake, its tackle the dads time!
Fixitman was next, no photos of it sadly.
Baby cousin came to party, all decked out in his dino gear!
Trying to open the presents.
It was present chaos!
Lots of thoughtful awesome presents!
Many helpers with it all!
Dino egg toss at the target
Interestingly, Dinoguy's first target was Trainboy.
Kids love to throw dino eggs I guess. :)
Paper jets were popular too. I had fun trying to ration dino eggs.
Later in the sand play.
Sand fun
Bubble fun!

It was a great party, I think everyone had a great time. When you combine a large group of kids with a great park and some other goodies, you get kids having fun!


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

It was a great party! I have some pictures of Fixitman getting tackled by the kids, I'll send it to you!

Roni said...

It was a great party, great park & great friends!!!
Thanks for letting us share in the celebration!!
We had a great time!!
Happy 6th Birthday, Dinoguy!!


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