Monday, October 06, 2008


We learned what a katydid is this week! One fell out of a tree in front of me and seemed hurt, and I watched it, wondering what it was. Dinoguy joined me in observing the bug and we moved it to our slide to take pictures after a while. I think one of its legs was hurt since it couldn't stand up. I emailed What's that bug? a photo to ask for identification and got the one word answer katydid back so I guess its a pretty common boring one, but we spent a while watching it. Dinoguy tried to feed it a few things - leaves, bark, grass. It would not eat or get up, and the next day it was no longer breathing. Trainboy also checked it out and surprisingly, Sarge had no interest in it. (He normally tortures bugs and tries to eat them if he finds them).

Its feet would hold on tightly to a stick if we put one near. We could clearly see it breathing and all its parts - the large mouth and eyes were interesting! We counted his legs (6) and noticed one was bent funny. I now notice he (or she) was missing antennae. That was probably more fatal than the bent leg.

Okay maybe you knew what a katydid was and think its sad that I didn't until now. Fixitman said he knew. But then he grew up in the country and I was a city girl. There is a surprisingly diverse looking range of bugs (to me) that are kinds of katydids! The photos of various ones at What's that bug? were fascinating. I didn't know the mormon cricket was a type of katydid! (or that it was so ugly!) Dinoguy's favorite is the polyancistrus loripes. I thought the fact that they sometimes change color to blend in (the pink one!) is awesome! We also thought the photo of the katydid laying eggs sideways was cool.


Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

I didn't know what it was, so I am right there with ya! I also didn't know about that site, thanks for posting!

EC said...

I was also ignorant about katydids so I thank you kindly for the education!!

Hope said...

those are neat pictures. if you wanted me to, I could name all of the parts of the katydid for you. :)

mariann and Tory said...

We have a ton of those in trees and bushes around here. We went camping last weekend and they were sooo loud that we had a hard time going to sleep. They make a very distinct noise. Kinda like crickets, and humming noise. They are really cool bugs though.

Allie said...

I love Katydids!


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