Saturday, November 01, 2014

April 2014 Things we did part 1

April is a busy month. Here we go!

I was lucky to get to attend several exclusive concerts by these musicians:

Puzzles and games were played quite often. The game closet was a well used source of fun for the kids.
 Baby continued to grow cute and adorable. His baby hair became blond and invisible to pictures. Siblings continued to love to hold and cuddle him.

  Here's that castle Princess started coloring last month, now almost finished.

 Dinoguy practiced beautiful music on his violin.

We enjoyed our zip line. Little guy found out he loved it once he was willing to give it a try.

We watched LDS General conference and did lots of crafts.
 Baby was at the age to sit in a bumbo to be part of family fun. Here he is learning about his brother's silliness.
 Family breakfast for conference of chocolate waffles with strawberries.
 Examining the resemblance to mom in a selfie.
 Dinoguy was in a small orchestra accompanying a choir. It was a long concert.
 Wonderful spring weather meant lots of walks. On this one, the kids decided they needed pictures taken.


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