Saturday, September 24, 2011

Temple Square visit

 July visit to Temple Square with kids. Dinoguy & Trainboy don't remember going before when they were little and Princess and Baby have never been. So we made the rounds and had some fun with family.
At the tabernacle
Family photo attempt
Better I guess
At History museum the boys sailed with Nephi across the sea
Princess and Fixitman had dinner with the missionaries
Aunt and Baby had some laughs
Touring the conference center (other Aunt was there too see?)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Utah Family Visits

Pictures with my brother and sister in Utah. My other sister who lives in Utah was not there when we took these.

I really like this picture.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Independence Day fireworks

We were in Idaho for Independence day. Fixitman's brother went and bought some fun fireworks and set them off. The kids enjoyed playing with cousins as much as seeing the fireworks. We also had delicious food of course.

Princess in pigtails.

Peach pie I made my Sister in law for winning Baby's birth guessing contest.

Getting ready to eat her pie.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Fixitman built a 2 story playhouse for his brother while we were in Idaho. Of course the camera ate most of the pictures. But it has a overhanging balcony, flat shed roof, a window on each side and a ladder on the side. The exit on the front of the balcony is for a fire pole. As soon as it was partially built, it was hard to keep kids out of it, they kept coming out to play in their play house. We have heard that after it was finished and we left, the kids slept out in it every night for a week.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Duff Family Reunion Activities

What do you do at a Family Reunion in Idaho? After pictures there was a lot of eating and talking with some fun Idaho worthy activities at Fixitman's brothers' house.
Trainboy learning to shoot a BB gun with his Uncle
Fixitman & Trainboy
More BB guns
Dinoguy shooting
Learning about BB gun safety
Princess & Baby playing with a box
Four wheeler rides
Princess and her daddy
Baby and a cousin

Water balloon launching with a large sling shot
Fixtman's brother, sister in law, Aunt and sister in law
I had a bunch of really good pictures of the water balloon launching that my camera ate and were only partially recovered. They are in theory on my brother's computer as well, but I haven't gotten them from him yet. So just these. Also I guess the boys riding the slow four wheeler that didn't go more than 5 miles per hour but gave them thrills. (They wore helmets).
Fixitman's cousin and family came to visit too

Fixitman's Aunt

Grandpa & Fixitman's cousin

Sleepy Princess

Baby and Cousin's wife
two cousins
Fixitman & Baby
Time for cake
Mmm...german chocolate

Princess decides to sample it

Friday, September 09, 2011

Duff Family Reunion Photos

 These are not the official photos by the photographer. These are some I snapped when I wasn't in the photos. It was pretty neat to have all of Fixitman's siblings there.It's been over 20 years since they've managed that.

Yes my kids are contributing to the chaos.

And here is why we won't be paying for fancy family photos anytime soon - 4 kids, 4 different places they are looking. I think they practice it.

Oh and Baby? He practiced the art of having a blow out during the 5 minute ride to the photo location. Thank goodness I had a backup outfit on hand for him. I am holding him strategically to cover the lovely stain he made on my shirt.


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