Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cake decorating Fun

Above is a close up of the cake I made for the party. My dear friend in Houston, who is a cake decorator, gave me some lessons while we were visiting earlier this month. While we were there, we made a test cake to test what helped the cake come out of the pan best, and for me to learn and practice cake decorating skills. Below is the one I made in Houston. We tested the leaf tip as a "scale" on part of the cake, though I found I preferred the star tip personally. So that is what I used on the party cake.

The boys wanted to learn to decorate cakes too, so when we got home, we made miniature train and dinosaur cakes and decorated them for fun/practice. I think eating the cake was just as much fun as piling on the frosting! Here are the three I decorated. I found frosting the sides of tiny cakes even harder than large ones!
Trainboy frosting a train. He doesn't like icing on his hands I guess.

Dinoguy had no problem helping me eat the ones I decorated. He was glad to help. I didn't get any shots of him decorating, he ate them too quickly for me.

Trainboy preferred to eat without utensils, leading to frosting up the nose. It was very cute.

Cake decorating is quite fun with the boys, it is something we will do again. In fact, it would have been fun to have all the kids at the party ice their own cakes, though it would have been messy! LOL. :)


Ashlee and Bill said...

You did awesome! Both times! Now what are you going to do for train boy's birthday... Come on down for another "lesson".

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

Such cool cakes!

mariann and Tory said...

Awesome cakes!! That is one heck of a dinosaur!!
P.S. I wish you lived closer so I could have you help me with my math!!! I hate story problems!!!!

Roni said...

The cake was fabulous (looking & tasting). :-)

I love how involved the boys are with the fun cooking that you do! They're gaining some valuable knowledge there! :-)


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