Sunday, December 09, 2012

June 2012 Transit of Venus

The planet Venus moved in front of the sun in June and safe viewings were available on campus so we took all of the kids up to see it. In May there had been a solar eclipse that we had tried to make our own viewer for, but it didn't work very well due to the eclipse being at sunset here. So finding out they had telescopes on campus to help see this one was nice.
There were also some awesome goggles available for looking at it.
It was a small black dot moving along the side of the Sun. Not super exciting like when the sun had looked like a crescent in May. However it won't happen again until 2117 so it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Sweet Baby with his Daddy.

Tried to line the kids up for a picture. in front of the fountain. Baby wasn't interested.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

June 2012 Viking History

We worked on history projects in June about the Vikings, a favorite topic of Dinoguy. He loves Viking myths and history. Here you can see the Viking ship, longhouse and Viking bread.
Here you can see how good Sarge is with kids, as he lets Baby straddle him. I don't allow the kids to be mean to Sarge, but babies inevitably try out climbing on the dog. He tolerates it when they are little until I've successfully taught them it's not nice. It's now six months later and Baby tries to feed treats to Sarge instead of sitting on him, so we're making progress.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

May 2012 Activities and photos

Since it is six months later that I am posting this finally, let's go with quick summary style. Here are the best pictures from the month of May and short captions to try and explain what happened that month.
Baby wearing training pants. Mostly because I think I ran out of diapers that day.

Princess and Baby were spontaneously wrestling. It was funny to watch.

Princess grew these beans and was very excited to eat them.

He's just super cute.

A monster patch I did on Baby's pants.

Mother's day breakfast with my four helpers.

Trainboy lost a front tooth.

Pretty Princess

A history food project. One of our favorite things to do.

Baby gets a toddler bed. He was thrilled until he realized what it was intended for. Did not sleep in it for months. (Now demands to sleep in it though.)

An old hotel was imploded in town. We got up really early to go watch. It came down loud and fast!

My sister was visiting at the time. Here we are waiting for the blast.

Yay for early morning explosions!

Princess began her muffin making career (with Jiffy mixes) in May

Trainboy expresses his love for doing dishes. See the joy in his face?

Dinoguy attempts to defy gravity with a chair while reading.

Showing off some history projects.

Trainboy is ready for a battle.

Cutest civil war union soldier award.

Scrumptious cheeks for kissing.

Princess shows off her new jumper that Grandma made her.

Friday, November 16, 2012

New baby (for a dear friend)

The last week in April was spent at a friends' home helping her while she had a baby. The kids loved visiting friends. I also enjoyed seeing my dear friend and also enjoyed that I got to see another new child come into the world which is always a sacred experience.

Kids with water balloons

Yep I filled up approximately 100. It's a labor of love.

Water balloons plus trampolines are super fun.
It was a memorable birth because of events that were unexpected. However that is my friends' story, not mine. What I got was a chance to snuggle and care for her newborn baby more than I was expecting! 
Introducing her kids to their new baby sister. My sweet kids, including Baby and Princess are quite interested too and had to be reminded not to crowd out the siblings.

Love this cute pic. Trainboy is right there loving on the new baby too.

Her three kids first picture together!

Me with the new baby wrapped on in her mei tei.

Precious new baby!
It was a memorable birth because of events that were unexpected. However that is my friends' story, not mine. What I got was a chance to snuggle and care for her newborn baby more than I was expecting!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trainboy's Book One Violin Recital

Toward the end of April, we finally held a Suzuki book one recital for Trainboy. He had learned all the songs in book one and we spent some time polishing them before holding the recital. I did record the recital - but on a video camera that I have yet to download several years of here is a video of him at the beginning of April while he is still polishing Gavotte (the last song in Book one) and also one of him playing Minuet 1.

(If you are reading this in email, you must click on a link and go to the webpage to see the videos)

Monday, September 17, 2012

April birthdays

Fixitman & I celebrated birthdays in April. I made my own cake this year after falling in love with the strawberry meringue cake on the cover of Southern Living. It was delicious! Fixitman took the kids to the dollar store to buy presents for me and I did likewise for him.

The kids enjoy giving us presents and then helping us use them. It is also fun to see the difference between the ages of understanding of gift giving. :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lego Temples

At April General Conference time, I made a binder for each kid with activities for when each of the apostles and the prophet spoke. It didn't work exactly as planned but it was fun and we enjoyed the many activities. The boys' favorite (I think) was making a lego temple.

There are two of Trainboy because I love the comparison of glasses to no glasses with him.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dinoguy's tooth removal

Did you ever wish you had an extra set of teeth in case you lost an adult tooth? Well Dinoguy came with an extra tooth. However it wasn't a bonus tooth to save for later, but an annoying partial tooth that was preventing his adult tooth from coming in. Luckily it looked like it was a simple removal and the dentist even hoped it could come out naturally after he lost his baby tooth. However most kids lose their front teeth by 9, so when we were past 9 and his front tooth was not even a little bit loose it was considered delayed. So it came to oral surgery. The surgeon pulled out two baby teeth and then were able to pull out the partial tooth without much trouble. Now we wait for his adult teeth to descend on their own.

Dinoguy thought it was memorable because he got to get put to sleep with laughing gas. Fixitman thought it was fun because Dinoguy was so "happy" afterward. Dinoguy did try to pull out the stitches at one point thinking they were something stuck in his gums, but he didn't get far before we stopped him. I am very grateful it was simple and straightforward and there weren't any complications.

His two baby teeth and the partial tooth

So now that he has a big gap in his mouth we told him we were going to call him "Fang". He didn't like that idea at all. I wonder how long he'll have a gap in his mouth before the other teeth appear?


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