Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bush Presidential Library and Museum (December 2012)

We had a holiday party at the Bush Library and Museum which meant free admission! Awesome!It had some very neat exhibits that were hands on fun for the kids, including a whole DNA exhibit that the kids really enjoyed. In the history of the first President Bush part, there was a replica of the oval office and so of course we took some pictures.
Future woman president!

Or future red headed little guy president!

Fixitman runs a tight ship. :)

Dinoguy gives a moving speech from the president podium.

Handsome Trainboy tries out the president desk

Dinoguy loved it all. So much history!

Trainboy gave a speech too.
There were many other awesome things in the museum from the time of President Bush, the boys enjoyed the war stuff related to Desert Storm for instance. I would go back to the museum it was very fun. I only wish I had remembered to have someone take a picture of me in the president chair. Oh well. Next time maybe.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thanksgiving November 2012

For Thanksgiving 2012 we went to visit cousins who live a few hours away. The kids had fun playing with their cousins that they don't see nearly as often as we intend. Fixitman and I had fun cooking food with his sister and talking with her and her husband. We enjoyed a delicious meal and I didn't take nearly enough pictures.
 At some point I decided I had to crochet a turkey and pilgrim toy. Princess and Little Guy enjoyed their new toys immensely.
We attempted to take a family picture but they were all blurry in some way or another. This one with Princess' face being blurry was the best one.
This was the second best picture where we are all looking the wrong way and it isn't totally clear either. Oh well, we tried! (And hopefully I learned not to depend on cell phone cameras for family photos.)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinoguy Birthday Party Nov 2012

Dinoguy got to have a big friend party this year for his birthday and decided to have a big campfire party. (Such a great way to use what we have and where we live!) So we invited over all his scouting friends and made a big fire. I spent way too much time planning and coming up with ideas. Hot dogs on sticks, chips, candy and s'mores definitely would have been more than sufficient for a bunch of 9 to 10 year old boys. However I learned that mac and cheese made on a campfire in a foil dinner style could be fabulous, that trying to roast dough on a stick to make eclairs or other desserts was harder than it sounds and that boys will put anything into the fire. (um, how did I not realize this?) Melting gummi worms over the fire was a big hit. Throwing glow bracelets into the fire was a big hit. Hot dogs and s'mores were big hits. Overall the kids had a great time.
My large food spread

Little Guy enjoying his custom fire roasted macaroni and cheese

Only picture of the campfire.

Campfire cake for the birthday boy.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Various Activities November 2012

November started off with the great candy buyout. I (sorry, the "switch witch") bought the candy my kids had gotten from Halloween back with small toys. Making Halloween cost even more money. Ironic, yes. But they were happy and the candy was no longer being consumed all day long every day. Little guy still kept calling "my punkin, my punkin!" for several weeks randomly, but when presented with his new toy train and reminded he got the train instead, he usually was fine. Unless he was hungry in which case I presented an apple or orange along with the toy.

Trainboy beginning to build his new toy with his remaining 10 pieces of candy.

Dinoguy with his new toy gun and remaining candy.

Princess with her puzzle while she quickly consumes her remaining candy.

Little Guy using Princess' shield, sword and hat to play Viking. Cutest thing ever to have him say "I Viking"

I just like taking pictures of her.

Dinoguy's team party for Flag football was at a pizza buffet.

Here he is with his team.
 Trainboy also had a team party for flag football. It was of course at the exact same time on the opposite side of town. So Fixitman & I each went to one. He didn't take pictures though. Oh well.
Princess with her blue B balloon for preschool co-op.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Halloween (October 2012)

Honestly, I don't really like Halloween. Mostly I dislike how a one day candy fest has turned into several weeks of "wear your costume and get free candy!" When did Halloween day turn into Halloween month? We only went to the trunk or treat at our church and some actual trick or treating on Halloween and the kids still had way too much candy.
At our church Trunk or Treat several days before Halloween.

Little guy in his Train sweatsuit. Maybe not as cool as the awesome train costume Fixitman built Trainboy when he was 3, but Little guy was happy - this one had a button that made train noises! (And it was free!)

Starting in on their candy
Love this picture for some reason.

Trainboy still ahd dark eyebrows after washing the black paint off his face. I find this picture hysterical for some reason. (Does it seem to give you a glimpse of him as an old man to you?)
We also went to a pumpkin patch with friends. There was a small maze, some animals and lots of pumpkins. The kids love outdoor activities and I like seeing friends so it was a hit!
Dinoguy as the Hulk

All of the kids on the back of a truck. Like Dinoguy's stick on mustache?
Little guy the tin man. I think he liked climbing up the steps and peeking thru the hole more than anything else at the patch. I don't think he knew it was for pictures.
Halloween day was busy. I don't remember all that was going on but we were lucky to get them in costume again and out to trick or treat at a decent hour. We only went for about 45 minutes which was plenty. Some people really went all out and had games and crazy decorations. The kids had a lot of fun and I realized that I don't hate Halloween, I just hate all that has been added to it. The actual going door to door in costume, talking to neighbors and the kids walking a ton to get the candy is pretty fun. It's what I remember enjoying as a kid.
Dinoguy the vampire.

Trainboy as the grim reaper.

Princess was a viking. Her dad made her a shield and sword and shirt. She got the idea from her brother's hat and vest left over from last year and stuck with it for over two months.  I just enjoyed taking the viking idea and making it kind of girly.
All four ready to go get more candy!
However once we were a few days into November and all feeling kind of sick, I realized that the constant candy eating had to stop. While I am not a huge fan of the switch witch concept, I used it in my own way to take the candy out of circulation. I asked the kids if they would like to trade some candy for a new toy from the switch witch. I had carefully picked out small ($5) toys that I knew would appeal to each of them and told them that if they wanted it, the switch witch was happy to trade them all but 10 pieces of candy for it. The rest of the candy went into my Sunday treat bag for after church treats. So it didn't go away permanently, but went out of sight and was only seen once a week for one or two pieces as a reward for being good at church. (Yes I'm one of those moms who bribes her kids sometimes. Judge me. Whatever.)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Dinoguy turns ten (October 2012)

Somehow my first baby has grown up to a ten year old boy. I am aware of the passage of time with him since looking at pictures of him as a little guy I can hardly remember him being so small. However I still am amazed that the time has passed. So much has happened.

Dinoguy with his cake

I had to use a LOT of frosting to even it out after I DROPPED the cake (on the counter).
His birthday cake had some drama for me this year since I was busy and multi-tasking and managed to drop one of the layers into a bunch of pieces after already removing it from the pans perfectly. ACK! I ask him what I should do, make a trifle or try and piece it together and he said to piece it together so using lots and lots of frosting I shaped it into a cake. Bless his heart, he loved the cake anyway. He was thrilled I had made it for him and thought it looked "perfect".

Well here's a trip down memory lane, lets watch Dinoguy grow thru pictures.
Newborn. A good head of hair!

First birthday he enjoyed his first taste of cake!

Two years old and trying on all the shoes.

Three years old and so adorable.

Four years old.

Five years old, at the car show.

Six years old, at the state fair. (I cannot find a closeup anywhere close to his birthday for some reason!)

Seven years old, looking sharp in a suit!

Eight years old, happy to be a big brother again.

Nine years old.
Ten years old!
Well putting that together made me all teary eyed. I've become sentimental as I grow. Tenderhearted even. This boy has always been tenderhearted. He is very sensitive to criticism and always hugs me multiple times a day. I am so lucky! He wants to tell me everything about all the books he reads. He spends hours sitting in his swing outside thinking or imagining. He loves comics and reading good books. He enjoys scouts and sports and playing games. He is a fabulous big brother to his siblings and a dedicated student. He is a pretty good cook already and a big helper to me in the house. I love this boy so much.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Various Activities October 2012

October seems like a long time ago and I can't remember everything we did. But luckily there are pictures to highlight a few things.
Art projects. Art has been going well this year and the kids really enjoy it.

Sunday afternoon naps. I love this picture.
Burning brush and trees that we cut down around the yard.
Everyone likes a good fire.

Stare at the fire!

Playing with the camera while brothers play flag football.

Princess takes a nap in the stroller.

Trainboy coming off the field for a drink.

A rare picture of Fixitman.

The only photo I took at the Science day we went to at the university. It was pretty awesome. Dinoguy is touching the static electricity ball to make his hair stand up. We saw some cool things and had a good time.
October is always a busy month with General conference, two birthdays, that candy holiday and school in full swing. It is really the beginning of that three month period of "the holidays" that can stress you out if you try to do everything. So we have pretty low key holidays in general merely for the sake of my sanity. I think the important thing to remember is all that kids really want is to spend time with their parents. They just love reading books and playing games and even doing work if we are actively involved. Remember that series of commercials that all ended in "Families...isn't it about time?" It really is true.


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