Sunday, October 05, 2008

Adventures and Home Depot

You may have noticed that Home Depot craft day is popular at our house. We have made it every month for 6 months in a row now I think. Dinoguy can tell you what the craft will be the next month and we even remember their aprons and have all the various craft pins on the aprons now. We're organized and ready to roll!

Except that it is a Saturday morning and getting out of the house early is hard on Saturday mornings. (Really most mornings its hard!) The craft period runs from 9 am - noon at most places, but they may run out of kits if you go too late. Depends on the craft's popularity, the number of kits ordered, the number of people who show up...

Today the craft was a whistle firetruck. We went to the first store and they had recently run out of crafts. It was only 10:40am, so instead of making another flag pole or goal post we decided to go to another store and hope they hadn't run out yet. Called a bunch of people for map help since Fixitman doesn't have a crackberry anymore and off we were.

We got there right at 11 and couldn't find it anywhere. I ask at customer service and was told rather snippily that it was already over, which I couldn't believe, since it was only 11. Usually they hand out left over previous crafts if they run out, not shut down! We start for the next Home Depot and they have just run out too. It is now about 11:30 and I'm thinking we're out of luck on the fire truck craft. I have explained this possibility to the boys in the car and we get kits for another goal post and head to work on them.

Then Dinoguy bursts into tears he's so upset. We decide to head home and make them at home instead. Fixitman decides to try one more store. I figure instead of unloading and loading he can just run in and see if they have any more fire trucks and call me if so.

We get there at 11:45 am and they are in the parking lot with a bounce house, ambulance, football toss and clown! Most importantly, they still have fire truck kits! The boys are seriously relieved and we take them over to work on them. Sarge gets loved on by other people who walk by while I help Trainboy build his and Fixitman helps Dinoguy. We finish about 12:30 and head home with two happy kids with their new toys.

Yay for happy endings! I told Dinoguy that next month he should jump up and down on his Dad until he gets up and takes them to Home Depot right at 9. :D


Michael said...

I'm glad you finally got the fire truck kits! What a relief.

FYI, you can google for yellow pages info just by sending a text message. Just text 'home depot smallville tx' to GOOGL (46645), and it'll text you back with addresses and phone numbers of the Home Depots that are closest to Smallville, TX. :) It costs whatever your plan charges to send and receive texts and doesn't count as connecting to a website. You can also text something like 'chinese food smallville tx' and it'll send you names, addresses and phone numbers of local Chinese restaurants; you don't need to remember the name of the one you want.

Christa, Queen of the Blog said...

So glad you guys found the kids. That's awesome you went to those lengths to do something you know is important to the boys.

Hope said...

i´m glad you finally made it there and that my wonderful map skills helped!

Tiffany said...

So I have to admit that as I was reading this I started to get anxious that they wouldn't get to make their whistles either! Haha, I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'm glad it had a happy ending.


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