Thursday, March 29, 2012

December 2011

Thing #2 has a thing about showing off his dirty socks in photos.
Our poinsetta wall - blurry phone picture
 This December we traveled to South Carolina to spend Christmas with the Shaw clan. Everyone was there except my baby sister who is on a mission in California. Trainboy had a birthday before that, but it appears we only took video of his cake and family party, I cannot find a photo of it.
Love this little cutie

Visiting Great Grandma
LOVE her outfit here. Cracks me up.

Christmas morning was busy and full of adventure. It was fun but Christmas on Sunday means not getting to stay in your pajamas all day. We had present time and then a delicious breakfast thanks to my brother making sure food got cooked on time. Baby was introduced to his new favorite food, lil' smokies.

 The adventure was with our van. We borrowed a friends van for the trip (and then ended up purchasing it later). Side note: My life is SO MUCH BETTER with a minivan for driving! They really are awesome when you have a bunch of kids! Okay so the day before Fixitman and I were at the store finishing up some shopping when he mentioned the van needed some transmission fluid. We went to look at it but he wasn't completely sure that he was getting the right kind and didn't get any. I wish I'd insisted. Anyway, Christmas morning we loaded up the van and started to drive to go to church with my Grandma. Only the van would not shift above second gear and we needed to get on the interstate. We stopped at a gas station and bought some fluid and he put it in but when we got on the interstate it felt like the car was shaking itself apart. (We were at 6000-7000 RPM's). So we got off and added more fluid. Still no improvement. Now we were sure we weren't making it to my Grandma's church so we started home and stopped at church with my parents for the last end of the service. When we went left 20 minutes later and got back in the van, it drove perfectly. In other just needed to cool down and sit for a little. Ugh. I was very frustrated about it Christmas day. (I was also very tired from a late night and early morning.)
Shortly after Christmas was Princess' birthday. We took family pictures, went out for BBQ, went bowling and then had cake and presents. All before loading up the van and driving home. It was a very busy day.
Shaw family minus one. Where's the cardboard cut out?
I like this one even though we all felt like we were squinting.
Yep. This is the best one. And we took a bunch. Also tried earlier in the month and those were worse.
When we got home we had to go shopping for food of course. And there were tons of gingerbread house kits on clearance. So we built a gingerbread house for New Years. Or just for fun. The kids had fun building it and eating it.
Boys and their giant Reese's cups. Neither of them was able to finish it.


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