Sunday, September 29, 2013

May 2013 Activities and a Wedding!

May 2013 was a busy month, including a trip for a wedding! Because I am trying to get caught up, I am combining the whole month into one post!

First we have pictures of cute kids.
The only place he falls asleep anymore for a nap is in the van. 
He loves his rain boots, partially because he can put them on himself!
Sad, tired, hungry? I'm not sure. But he's still cute.
A candid of Dinoguy 
Last fire of the season, roasting marshmallows!
Went to a pool party and got a tractor ride!

Trying on my dress for my sister's wedding.
Princess stands next to my Peach tree I got as a present.

Princess decided she was big enough to make her own sandwiches!
We made froot loop necklaces!

Loved his necklace, especially the eating part!
Moms love sleeping babes.

Trying on a hat makes him extra cute
In the middle of the month we drove to South Carolina for my sisters wedding! I let Dinoguy and Trainboy take pictures while we were waiting to stand in pictures, they did pretty well! (Some of the following were taken by them, some by me)
Getting into line for a photo
The handsome groom
Beautiful bride

This is my handsome kid brother. 
My sister holding our other sister's' baby

Little Guy got Grandma to carry him around
Princess in a tree

My grandparents
Watching the photographer take pictures

This is my grandpa. He's awesome. He also got permission to be the sealer, he has performed the ceremonies for quite a few of his grandchildren (including us!)
A nice picture of my dad 
Princess with the happy couple. She loves her new uncle!
This one just makes me laugh. Is he about to adjust his glasses or grab the camera?
A picture of the temple where the wedding ceremony was held.
Trainboy in a tux! He cleans up nice.
Princess looking adorable of course.

I coaxed a smile out of handsome Dinoguy while he was hunting down more food.
This little guy was tired but ate lots of food.

A fun candid of my mom and Aunt who see the picture, though Dad doesn't.
Best picture ever capturing my cousin's son about to take some frosting off the cake right before they cut it! LOL

The groom's cake that I helped my sister make. I did what I was told. She was the mastermind.
The awesome cake making sister and her hubby.

A fun candid of me!
Fixitman holding my sisters' baby, Trainboy was usually taking the pictures if it was blurry like this.

My dear Grandma
Only candid picture I seem to have that includes this brother

My dear grandma also!
Sparklers to say goodbye to the couple were fun for the kids and the pictures

Better proof that Fixitman looks nice in a tux. 
We had to go to the South Carolina beach with Grandma while we were there! The tide was pulling out and was pretty strong so we mostly played in the sand. Dinoguy went out to try bodysurfing anyway. I told him to keep the water depth below his waist but he still got tumbled pretty good by a wave and slammed into the sandy bottom. He was quite shaken up when he came in and cried in my arms for a while before insisting we leave immediately. After assessing that there didn't seem to be any serious damage, just some scratches and cuts, I finally distracted him by letting him take more pictures.

Playing with sand toys with Grandma

They made a sand dragon!

Building a sand castle happily after his water tumble.
Picture taken by Dinoguy of my sister & I
There is a sleeping baby behind her hidden in those towels and blankets!
Little Guy "holding" his cousin.
Walking grandma's dogs...They are smaller and lighter so that the littles love to walk them when we visit. (They can't walk our dog since he outweighs them and is prone to darting off after something, dragging a child.)
The little weiner dog eventually starts to hide from them, he gets walked so much!
When we got home from the wedding we had lots to do. Swim team practices were already going on for example and we had our first swim meet when we got home!
This was Trainboy's very first meet. He is far away from me in this picture, I couldn't get closer. But he had fun despite losing his goggles!
Here Dinoguy is participating in a relay.

Polydrons are really quite awesome.
Loves having her picture taken!

Completely asleep in the shopping cart.
I dropped a heavy ceramic plate...on my pinky toe. It hurt for a long time despite the doctor saying it wasn't broken.

So sometimes I just take pictures to entertain them while we are waiting for something in the car.
And there you have a photo heavy tour of highlights from May 2013!


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