Saturday, January 31, 2009

Under the house

During the saga of the gas line repairs, Fixitman crawled under the house to look for more leaks. This was Thursday (Day 6 of no hot water!) and waiting until a plumber could come do it was not happening.

He knocked on the floor when he was underneath us and said "Hi!", freaking out Sarge and causing the boys to ask where Daddy was. When I explained it, Dinoguy was ready to go. I first told him no, it wasn't safe, and he seemed to accept it. However, a few minutes later he was out in the yard intently studying where the new gas line went into the house and examining the ditch with renewed curiousity. When he came back inside, he came to find me and burst into tears, "I just want to go under the house with dad!" Apparently crawling under the house is fascinating.

Now, the idea of going under the house to me is up there with letting spiders, snakes and cockroaches crawl all over me. Not going to happen. When I realized how much he wanted to go under there, I showed him the access point, hoping the fact that it was totally dark and just dirt under there would dissuade him. Nope. He got his sweatshirt and shoes on quickly. When I objected that he'd get dirty, he shrugged and said "So I'll take a bath afterward!"

So when Fixitman came back, I explained everything and he agreed that Dinoguy could go with him when he next went under the house, after going to the store for a part.

When he came back out of the crawl space under the house, he said "It was so cool under there Mom!" and then went and got ready for a bath (I heated water on the stove so it wasn't a cold bath). What a lesson for me about boys (or at least about this boy!), he loved it so much!

Friday, January 30, 2009


This week has had a lot of cooking by Dinoguy. Sunday we woke up to chopping sounds. Upon investigation we found he was making us a breakfast salad. He added too much pepper and salt though and he declared it was too spicy. That afternoon he & Trainboy had an "Iron chef" competition and made vegetable soups. (We love to watch Iron Chef together.) The next day for lunch, Dinoguy made a soup-salad, which you can see him eating above. At this point, I was having a hard time with all the ingredients he was using, since he had used most of our fresh produce. I don't know why I was so worried when it isn't expensive and he was eating it. But I had a hard time with it. Here he is making banana muffins. He did everything. I was the sous chef, providing measuring cups and spoons and ingredients. He declared "I'm just like that little boy" while making them, letting me know that the video we watched last week of the 5 yr old with the cooking show had inspired this exuberant bout of more independent cooking. (You can find the video and news story about that here.)

Thinking maybe we should expand on this, I asked him if he would like to cook some other foods and maybe read some cookbooks, so we planned a trip to the library to pick out some cookbooks. True to form, he wanted to bring them ALL home with us, but agreed to pick a few that we could carry. I love how exuberant he is for books and learning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Why is there a giant trench in our yard? On that nice warm day that we planted the pineapples, we also smelled gas outside and called the gas company. They came Friday night and agreed there was a leak and shut off our gas. Of course there was a cold spell coming thru starting that night!

We've been having an adventure, heating water on the stove to make a warm bath for the kids and to do dishes and running space heaters in our home to make it not cold. However, the adventure needs to end, and Fixitman has been working hard to help that happen, despite the weather (that is a nice thick coat of ice you see there) and non-helpful plumbers and city inspectors.

I'm not going to rant about the whole thing here, but instead focus on how awesome it is to have a husband who makes things happen - like the trench that still wouldn't be dug or the line that wouldn't be laid if it weren't for his hard work and phone calls. We still don't have gas turned on due to the adventures of finding leaks in the house as well, but the end is in sight.

Meanwhile, I've decided the middle of the yard really is perfect for a garden now that its been all dug up anyway. And Sarge does not understand why we won't let him go play out back in the nice big hole we dug him. He's highly offended. The boys have learned all about how appliances work, how we get our utilities and are immensely enjoying camping out in mom and dad's room. (Easier to keep them warm and monitor them in the cold!) Fixitman got an awesome workout helping dig a trench and Munchkin just keeps on being a cutie. My advice? Don't call the gas company on Fridays.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1 month

Munchkin is 1 month old!Yesterday she responded to a smile with a full wide mouthed smile, eyes crinkling and everything. It was precious. I love baby smiles!

She has as nice solid fat torso now, though her fingers and toes are still delicate and tiny. She has a strong kick and is working on holding up her head.

Precious baby, I'm so glad to have you in our family. Even if you do wake me up multiple times a night.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Growing Pineapples!

We are fascinated with seeds and all things that grow. We've sprouted or attempted beans, apples, avocados, sweet potatoes, mangoes and now pineapples! The boys are always asking about the seeds of foods and saying we should plant it. Especially with new or unusual ones. We had a great sale on pineapple at the store in November and bought a few. The questions about pineapple seeds came and led to the discovery of this informative website. We prepped our pineapple tops and set them to dry. Then I forgot about them for about a week and one was moldy and icky on the inside so I threw it out but put the other three into mason jars to hopefully sprout the roots. I wasn't super hopeful since I'd let them dry for too long but figured it didn't hurt to try. I was also trying to sprout a mango seed so there was water changing daily for a while. First they grew some white stuff on the bases that I worried was a fungus of some sort but decided to wait a bit before quitting. Then the first root appeared! They were alive! (The mango seed went mildewy from lack of water changes after Munchkin was born, while the pineapples survived and continued to grow roots.) Now I was procrastinating getting cactus soil to plant them. Partially because I tend to kill things once they are in pots and I forget about them. At least that's what happened to the sweet potato vine, the apple seedlings and several other experiments.

But this past week I stopped at the store after a doctor's appointment and got the dirt. Now to clean some pots. I ask Dinoguy to help and he cheerfully joined in for the wet and messy part. He was excited about planting the pineapples and playing with water? Sure! It was a balmy high 70's day as well, and he had fun with it, soon creating mud and building mud castles. When he was ready, he collected small rocks from the driveway for the bottom of the pots and then helped put the dirt in and then the pineapple tops! He happily soaked them and when they were drained, they came inside to live next to the sink for the next few months where hopefully they will grow good roots. Here are two on one side of the sink, which is the sunniest spot I have for them.I am especially inspired by this guy, who has successfully grown fruit on his plants in England! If he can successfully grow a fruit there, I figure we can too here in Texas! If they die, we'll try again. I'll happily figure out where to put them if they live and grow until they are 3 feet tall and wide! (See previous links for examples.)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

Visit The Napping House to play!

4th week Munchkin photos

One photo a day

Day 25 photos were erased by evil photo memory card gremlins. It is unrecoverable too, I tried. Moral: Spend more than $3 on memory cards.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Amusing photos

Well what captions would you put?

I've got a little something stuck in my nose mom.

I think there's food over there! Can I reach it?

Yes! Taste test time!

You're playing with that camera again? There are better games we could play you know.

Do I get a treat for posing for you?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Train show

For Trainboy's special birthday outing, Fixitman took him to a local train show and then to Chik-fila afterward. From the photos it looks like they had a great time!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Venturing out with Grandma

With Fishing Grandma's help, we managed some short trips out toward the end of last week. A short trip to a weekly park day was much needed for the kids and the next day Grandma treated us to a trip to Chuck E Cheese for a little bit.

Fishing Grandma snapped some pictures at the park, I pretty much sat in a chair and chatted with other moms. The boys had a blast; there is a great rock feature in the playground we were at this week that is popular.

First a photo of me as I added more blankets to cover Munchkin and I.
What is Trainboy contemplating?
He received a recorder for his birthday, though he sees it as a magic flute a la Little Einsteins. It was the favorite toy of the day. Did he give a concert to the ducks?
Dinoguy in the thick of it with kids atop the rock wall.

At Chuck E Cheese, we found new toys since we last visited and also that the boys skills had improved on some games. A virtual ride was very popular, it vibrated you and moved you as if you were flying/riding a roller coaster/etc. while you watched the animated graphics on a screen. Grandma got in more cuddles with Munchkin and multi-tasked by studying some of her poetry homework as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun with Fishing Grandma

We were lucky enough to get Fishing Grandma all to ourselves for a full week after the birth of Munchkin. Shortly after she arrived, Fishing Grandma took a nap. Dinoguy declared we had sleeping beauty on our couch and snapped this picture, while Trainboy fed raisins to her while she slept (or attempted to).
Fishing Grandma played lots of games with the boys. She also managed to get some cuddling time in with her newest grandbaby. She really enjoyed the fairly warm and sunny weather we have here (most of the time), having come from the bitter cold north where highs did not reach 0 F during some days while she was gone.
Munchkin doesn't seem to pleased about the sunshine and bit of chill in the air, but through an indoor window she seems to bask in it.Here are some cute shots of the boys playing on the swing set, just because they are so cute, it was a warm day, and I had a camera handy.

Even more exciting was that Fishing Grandma's birthday occured while she was visiting, which meant cake! The boys suggested mini train and dinosaur cakes and Grandma agreed, so here they are decorating their pieces of the celebration. (A build your own train kit that Trainboy received for Christmas, built with Fixitman and then painted can also be seen in the photo.)
Here is Fishing Grandma with all the candles I could arrange on her little cake before she protested. Apparently she didn't want as many as her age. :DOne of the perks of visiting? Getting to be sat on by your grandkids in the morning when they want to watch TV. Trainboy will even steal your blankets!
And my cousin and her baby stopped by to visit while Fishing Grandma was in town. He is so big and cute! (And only 5 months old!)
There was more fun... but that's enough for one post don't you think? And lest it seem like it was all fun and games - Fishing Grandma cleaned the house, did the laundry, helped with food, made me take naps and rest...we were really glad she was here helping!


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