Monday, March 22, 2010


So Saturday, Munchkin missed her normal nap, since Fixitman was supposed to put her down for it, and instead ended up dealing with bathing her and cleaning syrup up in the kitchen after she dumped it out. I was out running errands. When I got back she was hungry for lunch and we fed her and then I forgot again about her nap. The kids were all playing in the living room and I went to check something on the computer. When I came to check on them, I found Munchkin fast asleep on the train table. Isn't she precious?

Her brothers had not noticed until I took a picture and thought it hilarious. I took the picture and then moved her to her crib for a more comfortable nap. Trainboy and Dinoguy of course were being cute so I snapped pictures of them too.

Don't you love how Dinoguy likes to hide inside the couch while reading? I think I did something similar when I was a kid. Too funny.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Welcome Spring?

Spring arrived with a snowstorm. I spent two years telling my kids it was too warm in Texas for snow to really stick and this winter we've had 3 major snow storms. There went my credibility. I was surprised to see our front yard covered as well, due to the wind. That's a first for us. It's very pretty though! There are a good 4 inches on top of the car when I measured.

Of course we have early morning church and the boys couldn't run out and play in the snow. They were good sports and didn't complain but were excited to build a snowman when we got home.

I helped dress them up in their snow gear and get outside. (Munchkin was asleep). Then I snapped a few pictures before going and taking a nap myself. (Fixitman was awake and kept and eye on them.)

When I woke up, I found Trainboy asleep on the couch and Munchkin stuffing herself with her new favorite food group: mac & cheese.

I went and took a picture of their adorable snowman that they made all by themselves (though it may have melted some before I got the picture).

And here is what the yard looked like, at 2 pm in the afternoon. The snow was very agreeable, lasting as long as it did for them to play in before melting mostly away.

So welcome Spring! I hope you didn't kill my fern & pineapple plants that I had put outside previously since it's been so warm. I brought them in yesterday before it got too cold but they still didn't look too happy. I'm glad I didn't plant my garden already, though I have some volunteer lettuce and parsley already coming up. Hopefully this is the last snow we see for the year, as I'm very ready for hot weather!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This & that

Munchkin just loves to play outside. She asks to go out whenever anyone goes near the door. She likes to walk on the trampoline and swing for short periods of time but also loves to drive her little cars, play in the little house and just wander around the yard. So we've been playing outside a lot lately. The weather has been quite pleasant.

Dinoguy read a chapter book from cover to cover one morning this week. It was called The Dragon in the Sock Drawer. He picked it out at the library. Trainboy is reading several words by sight and asking what things say and then repeating them like he's memorizing.

Trainboy and Dinoguy build lovely intricate lego things every day.

Munchkin can pull out a chair at the table and climb on top of the table in about 10 seconds. She has demonstrated this ability many times. This morning she climbed up and unscrewed the lid of the syrup on the table and dumped on herself and everywhere else. She was quite pleased.

Trainboy and Dinoguy collect sticks whenever we walk around the block for their stick collection. There is some sort of game involved as well, probably a battle.

So Spring is almost here, we have one last freeze this weekend and then hopefully warm temperatures! We're ready to grow our garden and a sunflower play house.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Pi Day!

It's one of my favorite holidays because its such a great reason to make pie! Hope it's a great day for you too!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Playing Outside!

Beautiful weather means playing in the backyard again. Munchkin demonstrated that she has become a toddler by driving play cars, climbing the slide, and demanding to get on the trampoline (with no bouncing by her brothers).

Dinoguy may start to realize he's gotten a bit bigger...

But Munchkin figured out how to drive quite easily.

She also visited all the chairs in the yard and checked out the tiny play house.

Here she is making her way up to the slide. (I went and helped after snapping a photo.)

Trainboy and Dinoguy are getting pretty good at the monkey bars.

Though Trainboy climbed down when I tried to take a picture.


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