Monday, December 29, 2014

June 2014 Activities

Princess and Little Guy petting a bunny rabbit at a Summer library event
June was mostly spent packing and preparing for a move at the end of the month! But Trainboy had cubscout camp to attend and Dinoguy received his first pair of glasses. Princess took swim lessons for the first time officially and did awesome. Little Guy was upset he didn't get swim lessons also.  Baby learned to crawl forward and sat independently. Both older boys had swim meets and we tried to make decluttering and packing as fun as possible. We also went blueberry picking and baked up a storm of blueberry goodness. Oh, and just to make the month as busy as possible, I had a genealogy based trip planned so Dinoguy and Baby went with me to Oklahoma for the Chenoweth Bi-annual reunion. Faster than we wanted, the move arrived and we transported all our belongings 12 miles up the road to our new home.
Happy baby on a walk

Having fun pushing baby at the park

Little Guy made "dragons" out of his duplos

Trainboy getting sorted for a race at a swim meet

Dinoguy up on the blocks at a meet

Get ready to swim!

Handsome boy who can buckle himself up (with a little bit of help)

Trainboy waiting for his race

Getting ready for backstroke!

We decided not to take Princess' cardboard castle. But instead of throwing it out, her dad filled it with fireworks and we had a fun burning party.

We took pictures of some art work before letting it go.  What a nice elephant!

Trainboy became pretty good at Indexing names in Family History

Picking delicious blueberries!


Baby discovered the joy of pizza crust

The only picture I can find from the Chenoweth reunion trip. We had a great time.

Fixitman and his handsome red tinted beard

Father's day breakfast and Baby trying to grab some food

This guy was able to sit up and crawl forward this month!

Dinoguy prepares to eat his delicious banana bread

The handsome new glasses

He believes all water bottles belong to him.

Dinoguy at the regional swim meet

Baby pictures while we wait at the swim meet

Trainboy preparing to swim

An old clay creation picture before we left it behind. It is a Garfield sculpture that he carefully created many details and painted. But it is broken and wasn't going to make the move well. So a picture before saying goodbye.

Tape hair! We purged some old cassette tapes

Princess had a blast at swim lessons. She learned all the skills they teach 5 year olds.

Before moving out we let them hit the walls with hammers a bit since the house was being demolished. They had too much fun and did way more demolition than I wanted.

Helpful missionaries who helped us move.

Goodbye old house. But the baby in the basket is coming with me!

Monday, December 22, 2014

May 2014 Trip to Utah

My sister had her first baby in April and I was very excited to see the sweet new baby. We decided to have just Baby and I fly to visit her because then I could actually be helpful to her instead of bringing my entire brood and overwhelming her little house with noise, germs and craziness. Also, it was too long of a drive for me to do by myself with 5 kids and Fixitman couldn't take time off. So at the end of May, sweet Baby and I got on a plane and headed for Utah. It had been almost 10 years since I had last been on a plane. Not much has changed besides security being more annoying. However the miracle of transporting myself to Utah from Texas in just a few hours made it well worth it.

It also meant I was able to take lots of pictures of two sweet baby cousins together!

 My sister is a loving mom. She is very considerate and thoughtful of her sweet baby. My brother in law is also awesome and always thinking of his wife and baby. I loved seeing their sweet family together. I attempted to be helpful and give them more tools for baby care while I visited. Our mom had been there right after her baby was born. However now that he was 2 months old I thought there might be things with which I could help.
 Baby asleep in a swaddle, on his side with dad. (The 5 S's are fabulous!)
In Utah you can put babies on the grass without fear of fire ants!
They are holding hands - sort of.
Love this guy and all his hair!
Baby turned 6 months in May, so he was experimenting with new foods. Watermelon was a favorite.
Helping his Aunt learn how to wear a baby was a fun adventure!
 Fixitman's parents came down from Idaho to meet our new baby. They also brought fun genealogy things for me to look at!

 Mmm, yummy celery!
It was a great trip! I enjoyed spending time with my sister and her family very much. Playing with a new nephew was awesome.

Here at the end is my brother in law dribbling the soccer ball with his feet and knees. We made this video for my son who likes soccer. I think this is so impressive!


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