Thursday, April 25, 2013

Trainboy gets baptized! (January 2013)

At the beginning of the new year, Trainboy was able to get baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since he had turned 8 in December, he had already had an interview with our bishop and we chose to participate in the baptism service held in his Grandparents' stake in Idaho so that more family could celebrate with us.
Cuddling with his blanket

Length shot shows the full blanket. He should still be able to use it when he is 6 feet tall.

I just like this picture.
For his special baptism present, I had been working all year on his crocheted blanket. He chose the pattern and the colors. I crocheted like crazy to finish it by his baptism. He loved it when it was finished though which made it worth all 50 billion color changes (just an estimate an it may be exaggerated).
Handsome guy
Making his "I'm freezing!" face

He nicely agreed to have his picture taken the day before standing outside in the cold snow so that I could finish a photo display I wanted to put up at the lunch the next day. His Idaho Grandma gave him the lovely white tie and the lego belt was a previous year Christmas present I had made.
Standing in front of the font with Dad
8 years goes by so quickly!

After the baptism service, we had a family lunch buffet with sandwiches and cookies. (His choice!) We were happy to have his Grandpa from South Carolina there as well as several of my siblings in addition to Grandma and Grandpa and several Aunts and Uncles and lots of cousins from Idaho.
My photo display showing him on blessing day, growing up, birthday and baptism day.
One end of the buffet view with Princess starting in on the sandwiches

From the other end with the treats!
We also took photos with family before they all scattered again. I didn't get a picture with everyone there which would have been fun, but here are some pictures we did get.
With his Aunt

Fixitman and his nephew with the same name

With his recently engaged Aunt and her fiance

With his cousin

With Grandma and Grandpa

With Grandpa from South Carolina

Mom, Grandpa, Trainboy

An attempt at a family photo.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Princess turns 4! (December 2012)

While we were in Idaho, our Princess celebrated her fourth birthday.She was extremely excited about it.
Shaking with excitement
She was very specific about what her cake should look like.

Admiring her presents
I can't believe how big my Princess has gotten and how quickly time has passed. Here is her birth to age 4 photo growth.

Blessing Day

6 months old

1 year old

2 years old, eating a candy cane

Third birthday

Four years old!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Playing in the Snow! (December 2012)

When traveling north in the winter, what were a bunch of Texas kids excited about? Snow! Lucky for us in travel, there was no snow when we traveled up to Idaho. The kids were not quite as happy about this, but it made for an easy drive. When the snow started coming, it didn't stop until we had several feet. All four kids were delighted about playing in the snow.
Princess tried her hand at clearing the snow with a shovel, like her dad.

Dinoguy and Trainboy quickly found their way up a hill their Uncle had made for the kids to sled on in the winter.

Considering the futility of shoveling? Or the fun her brothers are having sledding?

Little Guy trying to get up the hill was adorable. He needed help.

A very happy Trainboy

Princess joined in the sledding and enjoyed it very much.

Later on when helping clear their Grandparents' driveway, these boys were easily distracted by snowballs.


Mom! He hit me with a snowball!

Princess LOVES snow.

Trainboy with a giant snowball, shortly before being told not to throw it at me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

We drove up to Idaho before Christmas. The kids got to open some of their Christmas presents that were here before we left, (I was not taking them all across the country and back!) We intended to have a small Christmas in Idaho. The kids seemed to get plenty though and were quite happy on Christmas morning.
Little Guy readies to open his first present


Making a mess wrapping of paper

All tuckered out later in the day, needing a nap.

Fixitman and I were both feeling under the weather on Christmas and slept most of the day. The boys built a lot of legos and played with cousins a bunch. Princess got an awesome Lego Friends set she had a great time playing with it and her other toys. Little Guy got a set of miniature Thomas trains that was and still is a big hit with him. We also had a great huge dinner with lots of family. It was a lovely Christmas.


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