Sunday, December 04, 2011

Halloween 2011

Painting pumpkins
Designing an Achilles helmet

One princess
A Parade with a Viking and a Greek warrior
Have you read the book "How to Train your Dragon" ?
Watch out for Achilles!
A baby bat! Scary!
Hanging out with Dad
Ready to go around the neighborhood.
The boys finally settled on Hiccup the Viking for Dinoguy and Achilles for Trainboy as costumes. Princess picked out a princess dress she had to have at Goodwill and then refused to wear it and only did at the mention of candy. Baby wore the bat costume and toddled around being adorable.

So Halloween involved a costume parade at the boys' school, a trunk or treat at church, a Halloween party for Trainboy, pumpkin painting at home and then actual trick or treating in our neighborhood. By Halloween night I think they'd already eaten enough candy but we went to a ton of houses in the neighborhood. Princess rode in her stroller and only got out to walk up to the door and wordlessly ask for treats. Everyone thought she was adorable. I think she got the biggest amount of candy and was in a candy coma for the next week. Baby ate his weight in suckers. It was a good Halloween!


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