Thursday, March 26, 2009


I felt like I was going to overdose on gelatin briefly this weekend as we put our third jello mold in the fridge in less than 24 hours.It started with me trying out the pineapple mold for a brunch I was going to attend. The idea was such a hit with the boys - the molded jello - that we ended up making a few more at their request. I guess we're lucky to have these cool old jello molds that I usually use as decorations hanging around.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spraining my ankle

When I was 12 or so, I volunteered as a helper in a toddler gymnastics class. I loved gymnastics and thought that teaching it could be super cool, so my coach let me help out with some of the younger kid classes.

I was demonstrating a straight jump off the balance beam to the toddlers when I over rotated my left ankle and landed on the side of my foot. Instead of showing the toddlers how easy a straight jump was, I probably scared them, especially when I cried out loud and didn't get up.

That was the beginning of my odyssey with left ankle sprains. I sprained it running by tripping on the edge of the sidewalk, falling down the front steps of my house, playing basketball, slipping on a wet floor at school, marching backwards in band and stepping on someone else's foot, tripping on nothing while running, and walking and tripping. You could say I wasn't exactly graceful as a teenager.

It was bad enough that an acquaintance of the same height, similar hair color and build told me one day that someone had yelled my name at her and "Where's your crutches?" when she was not facing them. I was on crutches more than I wasn't in middle school. It was the end of my gymnastics career, though I was reluctant to admit it. So I taped my ankle and ran distance track.

Every time you re-sprain an ankle you have to stay off of it longer to let it heal. I was having to stay on crutches for weeks at a time. I was very skilled with crutches, and could out hop people who were walking quickly. I had calluses and great arm strength from using crutches so much. It was bad enough that I did physical therapy to strengthen my ankle.

I did a brief stint as a cheerleader in middle school thinking it would be a fun way to use my gymnastics skills. One football game later I realized 2 things. First, I found cheerleading to be objectifying and embarrassing. Also, being perky for long periods of time is not something I can do well.

I tell you this because Saturday while organizing and working on my spring cleaning, I stepped funky on my ankle and twisted it badly again. For the first time in over 10 years.

After I had recovered from the initial shock I had Dinoguy get me some ice and call Fixitman to come home. Then I lay down on the bed and rested. I quickly became frustrated that I couldn't walk in trying to find an ankle brace. I realized my big project was going to have to be delayed and I was irritated. But I rested my ankle. Fixitman called a friend to get me some crutches to use.

However by Sunday night I was tired of the crutches. They hurt my hands. They were impairing my ability to do anything. I couldn't carry Munchkin and walk, I couldn't really carry anything. My house was getting messy and there was no way I was going to be on crutches for the job interview I had Monday, so I started limping around the house instead.

Monday I put on my heels and smiled thru the pain for the interview. It went well I think, no decisions for another week, thanks for asking. I should have gotten back on the crutches afterwards but I didn't. It was much more convenient to walk around. I could get things done! I could cook dinner and do laundry - you know, the things that I had to get done!

So today, as I took Aleve to cover the pain and hobble around my house while working on my cleaning project from Saturday, I thought of my mom. See, she sprained her ankle on a run with me once in high school and never really rested it, and it was hurting her for weeks. In my sage adolescent wisdom, I lectured her about how she should have taken care of it to begin with and then she'd be fine by now. She sighed and agreed.

Mom, I understand now.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camping at the lake

We decided to go camping with friends for 2 nights this past week. Dinoguy loves camping! He was negotiating when the next camping trip would be while we were still there.There was lots of playing on the rocky lake beach. The water level is down, since we haven't gotten sufficient rain in a while, but it really hit home how much when we checked out the swimming area that is almost completely dried out. The kids are playing in what is supposed to be the deep end of the large swimming area. See the water level pole?Dinoguy really couldn't get enough of playing on the beach. He loved it. Trainboy had fun throwing the rocks in the water.
Sarge loves camping, he gets lots of games of fetch at the water and in the grass. He doesn't seem to tire out much while we're there but he was surprisingly calm for over a day when we got home. I guess he did get a bit of a workout!Munchkin did great on her first camping trip as long as she wasn't hit directly by the wind too much. She slept fine and mostly hung out looking cute.We had fun looking at the stars with my favorite star book - Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey. It is a great book to read with kids. I am starting to feel fairly competent at finding the winter constellations, can't wait to learn the Summer ones. :)

There were of course ghost stories, roasted marshmallows & hotdogs, ball games and fossil hunts. It was a grand time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Pi Day!

I love Pi Day!

I didn't make the best pie crust today... it certainly isn't going to win a prize for pretty. But if the flavor is good, that's all that matters right?See it had a normal looking crust before baking...

It is a strawberry rhubarb pie, to go with our pizza pie dinner. Pi Day is all about circular tasty pies as much as it is about celebrating pi and being a lover of numbers.

This cartoon from is hilarious and perfect for today.

Happy Pi Day!

A visit from an old friend

Is there anything better?

The past few days have been a lovely time as an old friend came for a visit. Her husband made delicious Japanese food for us and our boys had a great time playing together.

We were too busy talking to remember to take pictures until right before she left, and then we snapped some adorable ones of our kids. Her new baby is just 8 days older than Munchkin!

(Trainboy isn't feeling well if you can't tell.)

Park crawling...

Or visiting 3 parks in one day by walking the greenpath between them with friends. It was a fun way to spend the day, though we were slightly sunburnt and tired when we went home!

Munchkin photos this week

Last Sunday

At the park

Trying out the Bumbo

With mom today

Home Depot race tracks

Last week at Home Depot the boys made race tracks. Good times were had and I did not mess up Dinoguy's project while being the helper.
Absolutely LOVE this photo.

Munchkin hung out in her car seat. Priceless look here, I think.

Hoover Dam

Our drive home took us over the Hoover Dam, and it was even day time! I had been to the Dam once in college - a fun story. Fixitman had never been though and it is a cool thing to see. So here our our photos at the Hoover Dam.
(Taken by Dinoguy)

You can see the construction of a major bridge going on above and behind the dam. They are almost done with the bypass road and bridge. It's sad because it changes the view again in this gorgeous location and those who drive on the newer, straighter, safer road will not have to slow down and enjoy the views. The road to the dam on both sides has 180 degree curves and is only 2 lanes. However, with as much tourism as was at the dam and all the new security checkpoints, I guess it makes sense. It is a very cool thing to visit, even if just for a quick photo!

Cousin photos

I forgot to take pictures on our quick stop to visit my siblings apparently. Oops. But we did see them and gave a good time. Then it was off to visit more cousins on the way home. I did snap some cute photos while were there.

More trip photos

Both DinoGrandpa & Munchkin were asleep until the cameras came out for this photo.

Here is a cute photo of Munchkin with her cousin.

Saying good bye to TeacherGrandma .

Snowmobiling fun!

One of the things we did in Idaho was go up into the mountains and play in the snow. Dinoguy and Trainboy were very excited to play in the snow again. We had a great time with snowmobiles pulling tubes, and also riding the snowmobiles around in a big open area. There were also snow caves and hills to climb. I mostly took video with the camera, but here are a few photos snapped by Fixitman.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Ames Pyramid

We traveled up to visit Fixitman's family. Dinoguy was extremely excited to see snow again. On our drive up we checked out this local curiousity in Wyoming, the Ames brothers monument. Roadside America failed to mention the 2 miles off the Freeway weren't paved. Grr. But it was very cool to see, Dinoguy was excited to see a pyramid, though it was hard to explain how much smaller this one is than the Egyptian ones. Anyway, it was a fun small adventure. :)


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