Monday, March 31, 2014

Other fun things in January 2014

After we returned from our visit to family in January, we went back to regular life. Kids doing school work and playing games. Here are some pictures from the month, and yes, most of them are of my new son. I am smitten.

Sleeping baby, technically taken in SC actually. But he's so cute.

Little Guy loves being a big brother.

The baby fencer position. Love it.
Wasn't quite ready for the bumbo - he held his head up for maybe 10 seconds before slouching to the side.
Getting better head control
Really doing well at holding his head up, Baby loves sitting in the bumbo now to watch everyone.

We did receive a small amount of snow in January. It was mostly ice slush really but the kids were excited. Here Princess has gathered enough to make a snowball.

Princess received several arts and crafts kits for Christmas since she loves making things and colors. Here she is holding a glitter painting. Warning, the claim that it is easy and mess free is a LIE! (But at least she enjoyed it.)

Fixitman decided to grow a beard in January for fun. More on that in next month pictures.

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