Monday, March 17, 2014

FHE - Look Up

Sometimes we lose our perspective. Sometimes we forget why we do all the things we are busy doing. Sometimes we need a reminder. Elder Adrian Ochoa gave a talk called "Look Up" and told a story of being so busy with his friends playing marbles they didn't notice the big storm coming.

To start this Family Home Evening lesson I had a lot of duplo blocks scattered all over the living room floor. My awesome husband had thoughtfully cleaned them up right before the lesson started so I got to dump them out again to do the lesson! I assigned each kid a color of block and told them to hurry and clean them up. I kept sharing kind of loud reminders (I wasn't yelling...) to get their blocks and to hurry and clean them up the whole time to create a sense of urgency and keep them focused. While they were doing it, I had my husband bring me a large bag of candy and placed it on top of the TV cabinet. When they finished I thanked them and told them I wished I had some sort of reward to give them for all their help. My daughter got up to go get some candy she knew I had stashed somewhere but I said, no, it would have to be right here in this room, maybe up high somewhere. I had to repeat the reminder several times before anyone looked up and saw the bag of candy. Then I shared the candy and my oldest, Dinoguy said "I know what the lesson is about! It's about looking up to Heavenly Father and Jesus for help!" :D I love it when he is helpful and perceptive.

The basic messages were to keep an eternal perspective on life and look for help from heaven. Having two points to share made it hard for me to be really articulate but I hadn't spent enough time preparing to do better. The quotes I shared included the following.

We need to make both temporal and spiritual preparation... And the preparation most likely to be neglected is the one less visible and more difficult - the spiritual. -Dallin H. Oaks Having food storage and emergency cash is easy to do physically and feel safe. It is a measurable goal. Knowing if you are spiritually prepared for life's trials and storms is harder.

We must remember this eternal principle: By their fruits ye shall know them. (Matthew 7:20) This quote is to discuss how to know if people who claim to be telling the truth really are and how to find credible sources when seeking wisdom.

If you ever come across anything that causes you to question your testimony of the gospel, I plead with you to look up. Look to the Source of all wisdom and truth. Nourish your faith and testimony with the word of God. The message of read the scriptures and seek the companionship of the Spirit really was all over the place in last General Conference. Studying the talks has made that repetitiveness more clear to me.

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