Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Baby Sister's wedding! (January 2014)

She and her fiance decided to get married the day before our anniversary. So exactly 12 years after our wedding it was fun to be gathered with family again to celebrate another wedding.
My baby sister got married! She was so sweet and cute and little when Fixitman and I were wed and now she's grown up and married. I am happy for her and her sweet husband. They also tried to be accommodating to all of their sister in laws' having babies but timing wise it ended up almost exactly 6 weeks after my sweet baby was born.
The newlyweds with their 8 nephews and one niece (Yep, there are 4 babies there!)

Plus side to this sister wedding: I wasn't pregnant like I was the last two weddings! Down side: I still looked like I was. Oh well. The wedding wasn't about me so I just sucked it up and did my best to be helpful instead of complaining all the time. (I'm sure I complained some of the time. I am very good at sharing my feelings.)

She bought her dress used from online classifieds! It was a vintage dress from the 40's and it fit her almost perfectly.  Then she chose to use purple as her wedding color. I was very happy about that!
Just for comparison, she's the littlest one in the photo below from our wedding 12 years ago.
My sisters, best friends and I, wedding day, 2002.
My family has grown too. Here was our entire family at our wedding.
Now here is our entire family at this wedding (minus one sisters' husband). There are a few more of us!

My immediate family
Just us kids, almost all grown up.
Even though we were in South Carolina, it was a very cold day. Pictures were not very fun for little ones especially.
My handsome husband and sweet new baby, unwrapped right before a picture

My sweet sister and her son. I like that my hubbie and baby are in the background

My cold but excited daughter. She counted down the days to the wedding.

My debonaire oldest two

Warming up the babe
Sisters. It's pretty awesome to have them.

An attempt at a family photo
It was hard to get to the wedding since we were travelling with a young baby, but it was wonderful to be there and enjoy seeing lots of family. If you want to see more pictures, they are at Jarvie Digital.

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