Tuesday, March 18, 2014

South Carolina Beach (January 2014)

You can't drive 1100 miles to South Carolina and not visit the beach at least once! South Carolina takes care of the beaches and the dunes and the natural habitats around them so they are some of the prettiest beaches. We visited an old lighthouse park this time. Even though it was January and too cold to swim my kids got wet and had a blast. I really enjoyed taking some pictures of them, it was so beautiful while we were there - slightly foggy and windy but with beautiful clouds and lighting.
 I have great memories of playing on large rocks as a kid. Love that my kids got to do so as well.

Princess jumped out of the picture right before I took this picture! Oh well, still love the image of the boys on the rocks.
 This is my nephew in a rare moment he wasn't dashing for the water.

 Princess with her Tio. He wasn't able to attend the wedding due to a mandatory work conflict but he came out a week later to spend time with us which was so fun!

 It was hard to capture his face because he was always staring longingly into the water.

 A not so flattering selfie of me, with a sleeping baby on my chest. I just didn't want to be left out of the pictures.
 This picture turned out really great and I love it.
 The lighthouse used to be on shore but is no out in the middle of the sea. You can see it in the back ground of a few pictures.

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