Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Visits (January 2014)

Since my sister's wedding was the day before our 12 year anniversary, Fixitman and I decided to take a mini vacation while my parents and sisters watched our kids. It was fabulous. Baby came with us of course but he slept most of the time since he was so young still.
Twelve years of marriage
While we were there, everyone held Baby, including my kids. He's cute and huggable of course!
My grandmother lives in South Carolina also and we enjoyed visiting her of course. She has a dock on a canal that connects to the ocean behind her house and the kids enjoyed throwing pinecones into it and watching them sail away.
Sweet boys. Love 'em lots!
Hah, Princess is holding a baby doll here, not our Baby!
Did it trick you? I did several double takes while we were there thanks to this doll.
He is already looking big and chunky. How fast they grow.
My nephew celebrated his first birthday while we were visiting! It was fun to be able to attend his party.

 (My sister makes awesome cakes as a hobby just looking things up on the internet.) Since she picked a race car theme, she also gave the kids boxes to make their own race cars and held foot races while wearing them. Simple stuff makes kids happy!
My mom likes to put out really large puzzles when family is gathered together. This one was a 3000 piece animal scene that took over 3 weeks of many people working on end with 1 piece missing. But puzzles are pretty much a family tradition I guess. We sit around searching for pieces and complain about the puzzle together.

Trips to visit family are never long enough but they are always fun! We loved seeing everyone.

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