Tuesday, April 08, 2014

February 2014 Activities

February activities at our house included taking pictures of baby, dentist appointments, Fixitman deciding if he wanted to keep his beard, a violin concert, Valentine's day, a Blue and Gold banquet and baby being blessed. It was a busy month.

My room has become quite popular since I'm always trying to retreat to there to nurse in peace and quiet.
Kids just want to be with me!

This is what nursing looks like a lot of the time...paparazzi and extra kids everywhere.

One month of beard growth. It's got a lot of red in it!
Shaved it to lamb chops and a van dyke. Looked awesome. Still drove him nuts.

He decided to go back to clean shaven. It's easier to kiss anyway.
Dinoguy played in a violin concert at the beginning of February. He did awesome.
Watch the video. He's good!

Making valentines for a homeschool co-op party. Princess was writing her own name on the cards!

Helping Little Guy add plastic bugs to his cards.

Does your dentist have video games in the waiting room?
(No cavities this time for anyone! Hallelujah!)
(And yes, we went to the dentist on Valentine's day AGAIN. I didn't plan it that way!)
My edible minions from my sweetie.
My decorations for Fixitman's office on Valentine's day.
So clean!

Vinegar egg experiment with Trainboy - removes the shell but the membrane stays intact.
Holding a sleeping boy. He has grown up so fast.
Trainboy and his Fleur-de-lis cake for the Blue & Gold banquet
Look, Dinoguy was dressed up as an Indian for a cross over ceremony!
Baby loves his fingers!
Sweet smiles for me!

New favorite shirt from his Aunt
Holding up his head so well
It's true!
The baby blessing pictures will be another post. But here's one picture.

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Miranda said...

Princess is writing with her left hand just like you! I love it :D So far my kids are all right-handed like me. Jack tried writing with his left hand yesterday because his right hand was busy eating an apple, and he quickly learned that that is much harder!


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