Thursday, March 14, 2013

Various Activities October 2012

October seems like a long time ago and I can't remember everything we did. But luckily there are pictures to highlight a few things.
Art projects. Art has been going well this year and the kids really enjoy it.

Sunday afternoon naps. I love this picture.
Burning brush and trees that we cut down around the yard.
Everyone likes a good fire.

Stare at the fire!

Playing with the camera while brothers play flag football.

Princess takes a nap in the stroller.

Trainboy coming off the field for a drink.

A rare picture of Fixitman.

The only photo I took at the Science day we went to at the university. It was pretty awesome. Dinoguy is touching the static electricity ball to make his hair stand up. We saw some cool things and had a good time.
October is always a busy month with General conference, two birthdays, that candy holiday and school in full swing. It is really the beginning of that three month period of "the holidays" that can stress you out if you try to do everything. So we have pretty low key holidays in general merely for the sake of my sanity. I think the important thing to remember is all that kids really want is to spend time with their parents. They just love reading books and playing games and even doing work if we are actively involved. Remember that series of commercials that all ended in "Families...isn't it about time?" It really is true.

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