Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Children's Barnyard visit (October 2012)

This year all of the kids came when we visited the children's barnyard at the local university. The kids enjoyed holding baby chicks and seeing other animals. There wasn't free ice cream this year though. Just animal crackers. Oh well. It was still a great (and free) experience.
Little Guy was afraid of most of the animals. He wouldn't get near them. I touched him with a baby chick and he ran away.
Here I am showing Princess how to hold a baby chick.

These two LOVED holding baby chicks.

He wanted to touch all of the animals!

Checking out the sheep

The wonder of a baby chick was fun.

I think Trainboy stayed with the chicks almost the whole time.

Princess observed the animals quickly.
She spent most of the time playing in the sawdust floor with her friend.

Photo op best picture
Well despite the lack of free ice cream (which was really all I wanted) we had a good time. Kids got to see and touched some farm animals!

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