Monday, March 25, 2013

Dinoguy Birthday Party Nov 2012

Dinoguy got to have a big friend party this year for his birthday and decided to have a big campfire party. (Such a great way to use what we have and where we live!) So we invited over all his scouting friends and made a big fire. I spent way too much time planning and coming up with ideas. Hot dogs on sticks, chips, candy and s'mores definitely would have been more than sufficient for a bunch of 9 to 10 year old boys. However I learned that mac and cheese made on a campfire in a foil dinner style could be fabulous, that trying to roast dough on a stick to make eclairs or other desserts was harder than it sounds and that boys will put anything into the fire. (um, how did I not realize this?) Melting gummi worms over the fire was a big hit. Throwing glow bracelets into the fire was a big hit. Hot dogs and s'mores were big hits. Overall the kids had a great time.
My large food spread

Little Guy enjoying his custom fire roasted macaroni and cheese

Only picture of the campfire.

Campfire cake for the birthday boy.

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