Monday, March 18, 2013

Various Activities November 2012

November started off with the great candy buyout. I (sorry, the "switch witch") bought the candy my kids had gotten from Halloween back with small toys. Making Halloween cost even more money. Ironic, yes. But they were happy and the candy was no longer being consumed all day long every day. Little guy still kept calling "my punkin, my punkin!" for several weeks randomly, but when presented with his new toy train and reminded he got the train instead, he usually was fine. Unless he was hungry in which case I presented an apple or orange along with the toy.

Trainboy beginning to build his new toy with his remaining 10 pieces of candy.

Dinoguy with his new toy gun and remaining candy.

Princess with her puzzle while she quickly consumes her remaining candy.

Little Guy using Princess' shield, sword and hat to play Viking. Cutest thing ever to have him say "I Viking"

I just like taking pictures of her.

Dinoguy's team party for Flag football was at a pizza buffet.

Here he is with his team.
 Trainboy also had a team party for flag football. It was of course at the exact same time on the opposite side of town. So Fixitman & I each went to one. He didn't take pictures though. Oh well.
Princess with her blue B balloon for preschool co-op.

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Miranda said...

I love your Little Guy viking, and especially his adorable jacket!


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