Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bush Presidential Library and Museum (December 2012)

We had a holiday party at the Bush Library and Museum which meant free admission! Awesome!It had some very neat exhibits that were hands on fun for the kids, including a whole DNA exhibit that the kids really enjoyed. In the history of the first President Bush part, there was a replica of the oval office and so of course we took some pictures.
Future woman president!

Or future red headed little guy president!

Fixitman runs a tight ship. :)

Dinoguy gives a moving speech from the president podium.

Handsome Trainboy tries out the president desk

Dinoguy loved it all. So much history!

Trainboy gave a speech too.
There were many other awesome things in the museum from the time of President Bush, the boys enjoyed the war stuff related to Desert Storm for instance. I would go back to the museum it was very fun. I only wish I had remembered to have someone take a picture of me in the president chair. Oh well. Next time maybe.

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