Saturday, March 16, 2013

Halloween (October 2012)

Honestly, I don't really like Halloween. Mostly I dislike how a one day candy fest has turned into several weeks of "wear your costume and get free candy!" When did Halloween day turn into Halloween month? We only went to the trunk or treat at our church and some actual trick or treating on Halloween and the kids still had way too much candy.
At our church Trunk or Treat several days before Halloween.

Little guy in his Train sweatsuit. Maybe not as cool as the awesome train costume Fixitman built Trainboy when he was 3, but Little guy was happy - this one had a button that made train noises! (And it was free!)

Starting in on their candy
Love this picture for some reason.

Trainboy still ahd dark eyebrows after washing the black paint off his face. I find this picture hysterical for some reason. (Does it seem to give you a glimpse of him as an old man to you?)
We also went to a pumpkin patch with friends. There was a small maze, some animals and lots of pumpkins. The kids love outdoor activities and I like seeing friends so it was a hit!
Dinoguy as the Hulk

All of the kids on the back of a truck. Like Dinoguy's stick on mustache?
Little guy the tin man. I think he liked climbing up the steps and peeking thru the hole more than anything else at the patch. I don't think he knew it was for pictures.
Halloween day was busy. I don't remember all that was going on but we were lucky to get them in costume again and out to trick or treat at a decent hour. We only went for about 45 minutes which was plenty. Some people really went all out and had games and crazy decorations. The kids had a lot of fun and I realized that I don't hate Halloween, I just hate all that has been added to it. The actual going door to door in costume, talking to neighbors and the kids walking a ton to get the candy is pretty fun. It's what I remember enjoying as a kid.
Dinoguy the vampire.

Trainboy as the grim reaper.

Princess was a viking. Her dad made her a shield and sword and shirt. She got the idea from her brother's hat and vest left over from last year and stuck with it for over two months.  I just enjoyed taking the viking idea and making it kind of girly.
All four ready to go get more candy!
However once we were a few days into November and all feeling kind of sick, I realized that the constant candy eating had to stop. While I am not a huge fan of the switch witch concept, I used it in my own way to take the candy out of circulation. I asked the kids if they would like to trade some candy for a new toy from the switch witch. I had carefully picked out small ($5) toys that I knew would appeal to each of them and told them that if they wanted it, the switch witch was happy to trade them all but 10 pieces of candy for it. The rest of the candy went into my Sunday treat bag for after church treats. So it didn't go away permanently, but went out of sight and was only seen once a week for one or two pieces as a reward for being good at church. (Yes I'm one of those moms who bribes her kids sometimes. Judge me. Whatever.)

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