Friday, March 15, 2013

Dinoguy turns ten (October 2012)

Somehow my first baby has grown up to a ten year old boy. I am aware of the passage of time with him since looking at pictures of him as a little guy I can hardly remember him being so small. However I still am amazed that the time has passed. So much has happened.

Dinoguy with his cake

I had to use a LOT of frosting to even it out after I DROPPED the cake (on the counter).
His birthday cake had some drama for me this year since I was busy and multi-tasking and managed to drop one of the layers into a bunch of pieces after already removing it from the pans perfectly. ACK! I ask him what I should do, make a trifle or try and piece it together and he said to piece it together so using lots and lots of frosting I shaped it into a cake. Bless his heart, he loved the cake anyway. He was thrilled I had made it for him and thought it looked "perfect".

Well here's a trip down memory lane, lets watch Dinoguy grow thru pictures.
Newborn. A good head of hair!

First birthday he enjoyed his first taste of cake!

Two years old and trying on all the shoes.

Three years old and so adorable.

Four years old.

Five years old, at the car show.

Six years old, at the state fair. (I cannot find a closeup anywhere close to his birthday for some reason!)

Seven years old, looking sharp in a suit!

Eight years old, happy to be a big brother again.

Nine years old.
Ten years old!
Well putting that together made me all teary eyed. I've become sentimental as I grow. Tenderhearted even. This boy has always been tenderhearted. He is very sensitive to criticism and always hugs me multiple times a day. I am so lucky! He wants to tell me everything about all the books he reads. He spends hours sitting in his swing outside thinking or imagining. He loves comics and reading good books. He enjoys scouts and sports and playing games. He is a fabulous big brother to his siblings and a dedicated student. He is a pretty good cook already and a big helper to me in the house. I love this boy so much.

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