Thursday, August 19, 2010

To the temple!

Squirmy and Waiting outside for the newlyweds to emerge!
Early Saturday morning we left our hotel room, ate a delicious breakfast at Waffle House and arrived EARLY at the Columbia LDS temple for my sister's wedding. Cameras ready, children ready, almost everyone present...but my Aunt and Uncle got lost. Very very lost and very very late. Luckily they were able to delay the wedding until they arrived. My sister, the beautiful bride, coming in and shaking her fingers at me in the sealing room was confusing. Afterward I find out she thinks I was the late one. Thanks Sis. Love ya too!
Love this grin. So happy!

So she's finally married! Only 7 months of engagement after over a year of dating. Hey, we can't all be quick about it. ;) (Fixitman and I were married 6 months to the day after our first date.). She was a beautiful bride and has a wonderful handsome husband. It was a great day for celebrating.

Grandpa was able to come and be the one to marry them. So awesome.
It was hot. Hey, it was July! Someone little had taken a few pictures with my camera while we waited and changed some settings so my first pictures outside the temple were overly bright. I eventually figured it out. Mostly we posed for the official photos (still can't wait to see them!) and then decided to head back to my parents house to rest before the reception that night.

Munchkin loves her grandparents.
Cute boys with their Uncle. They look a bit hot. Ready to head home?
Hot munchkin is ready to go...
Well that was the plan anyway. The car had been making some funny noises on the way to the temple that worried Fixitman, and on the way out of town we stopped at Walmart twice checking oil and other things. It became clear about 10 miles into our trip that the transmission was DYING. Turn off the A/C, turn on the heater, open all the windows... (waking the sweet sleeping Munchkin.) Thank goodness for cell phones. We got in touch with all the people also driving back and got the boys and Munchkin & I into different cars with A/C because it was HOT. Poor Fixitman got to bake as he coaxed the car back to my parents house. Every wedding needs an adventure right?


Miranda said...

I've only been to 1 temple wedding besides my own. It was amazing and beautiful how strong the Spirit was in the sealing room; I can only dream of how wonderful it must have been watching your sister be sealed!

Malina said...

Yeah that was pretty awesome. :) You can also pay a lot more attention to everything when you aren't the one getting married. :D


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