Friday, August 20, 2010

Let's Party!

The reception was at a lovely old Inn on the banks of a river and in an old forest. It was gorgeous and I'm sure all the photos turned out amazing. Still can't wait to see them. There was a delicious dinner, a slideshow of pictures of the newlyweds growing up, cake, was a party! It was really neat because so many cousins and aunts and relatives were there. I loved seeing them all. We had a great time talking and visiting and dancing.

My "green whale" dress... instead of looking pregnant, I just look 50 lbs heavier. Oh well.

Munchkin ate lots of cheesecake and bread. Yum!

First official dance as newlyweds
Daddy Daughter dance
Where should we cut it?
Dinoguy was quite the Rico Suave as his father would say. He was cutting it up on the dance floor and asked quite a few ladies and girls to dance. Trainboy was slower to warm up to the idea and didn't dance until the end. Munchkin made sure to intervene and take over if she saw Fixitman and I dancing. We had a great time.

By the way, the boys asked to have bow ties too. Aren't they so adorable? They've been wearing them to church some too. Love their flair for dressing up.

Munchkin dancing with her dad after cutting in on me.
Lovely candid.
Trainboy tries out dancing with his Aunt
Munchkin and her Uncle

Photo taken by my new brother in law's sister. Love the expression on his face.
At the end when she was SOO tired, Munchkin started dancing by herself, maybe to stay awake? It was pretty cute.
A pretty nice photo of Fixitman and I.
Munchkin and her daddy.
 We also tried to get a family photo taken by my cousin, I hope that at least one of them turns out alright. (My goal: We are all actually looking at the camera and facial expressions are semi-normal.)


Miranda said...

You are not a green whale, you are radiant and glowing :D (ignore the fact that radiant and glowing are synonyms, please.)

Those boys are so handsome!

Kami and Jacob said...

so fun to see your family! congrats on number 4 on the way!


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