Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Not First Day of School!

Trainboy at six months old
Today would be Trainboy's first day of Kindergarten (and Dinoguy would be starting second grade!) Instead it's just another day. Though we are excited for the fall weather, for the museums and parks to be emptier, and for all the fun that comes in the fall.

Trainboy would be miserable academically in kindergarten IMHO because it would all be review. He taught himself to read over the past few months and is now reading independently at a second grade level. He is fairly competent at all the basic arithmetic and geometry. He can read calendars, clocks, thermometers. We have done so much history, social studies, science, art and it has all been just the joy of daily wanting to learn for him.

Trainboy Jul 2010, photo taken by my cousin
Especially here in Texas where so much of the year is devoted to preparing for the big test. Here in Texas where Kindergarteners get ONE fifteen minute recess in a seven hour day. Trainboy is a very intelligent child with a zest for learning and I strongly believe school here would kill that love of learning.

As far as any "socialization" concerns, if the kids aren't allowed to talk to each other except at their paltry one recess and lunch, how is that good socializing? I think he gets plenty of socializing thru life - at church, at the homeschool group, in the neighborhood, at the store...

So happy not first day of school. It might be easier to pack him off to the local school and let them take care of him most of the day, but it isn't the right choice for Trainboy or our family.

Tomorrow I will discuss unschooling as a term.


Norah said...

You know I say the same thing to my mother when she says my boys aren't being socialized. My nephew is constantly in trouble for talking in class and his class is basically only allowed to talk during 3 10 minute recesses throughout the day.

duff said...
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duff said...

Maybe we should let him get less socialization. Then we would not have him talking to every random stranger he meets;)

Miranda said...

Hooray for Trainboy! You have one handsome little guy on your hands, there. It is so much fun to watch your kids grow into such lovely little people :D

Screwed Up Texan said...

I would so homeschool my kids, but this summer proved I will go insane if I did. Ha! Maybe when they're older. I am definitely afraid of next year when my oldest has to take the standardized test. I think it's a joke here in Texas!

kim said...

I agree--especially with the fullday K, I think they are so much better off at home, having fun learning. We homeschooled for K, but then Savannah got into a charter school that we liked and she really wanted to go, so I let her start last week. Have to admit, I'm kind of regretting it. Nothing has been bad yet, but even though this school is a lot more child driven than typical classes (no textbooks, they work with the kids at their own level and ability with a lot of assignments that can be adapted to that, etc. . .), she still has come home home with stories of not being allowed to talk during lunch and only gets a 30 minute recess. Not to mention what a pain it is to get her up an hour earlier than she naturally wakes up, or having to wait 20 minutes in the carpool line. I miss homeschooling.


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