Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time flies

Approximately 17 years ago, a join cousin beach vacation.

When I was a kid, every couple of years we went on vacation with my mom's brother's family. We either rented a beach house together in South Carolina or went to visit them in Colorado and went camping. I inherited this collage of old photos from one year and so I have this photo from back then.
Pregnant me, some cousins, sisters and Munchkin. July 2010
While we were at the beach this year, attempts were made to take group photos. It completely reminds me of that old photo. (Though it is missing one sister, one girl cousin and the boys.) We were all talking about how weird it was to be at the beach together but without our parents - that we are all grown up.

Part of me still feels like the kid in the first photo. I am surprised sometimes by the adult looking back at me from the mirror. Time flies. And it is a precious commodity. I hope I am making wise choices with mine.

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Updike Update said...

i remember taking that picture. good memories.


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