Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye Taurus

Removing the license plates.
What to do about the car? We are 1000 miles from home and the transmission is mostly dead. We only paid $1200 for the car to begin with, and rebuilding the transmission will cost $1500-$2000. We were planning to sell it soon and buy a minivan anyway because of our impending family expansion. So repairing it seems like a bad idea.
Goodbye friend.

We decide to take it to the junk yard and sell it for scrap. Eight cents a pound equals $268.80. The guy at the scale in the junkyard was surprised because it still had cold A/C. He said they never have that. Since we did no major repair work on it in the 14 months we owned it, just some oil changes, I think we came out pretty good. Certainly couldn't have gotten a car payment for as little as it cost us over the time we owned it. Debt free is definitely the way to be and we are completely sold on not having a car payment ever again.
Goodbye drivers seat.

So to get home...quickly find another car to buy? We reviewed the available cars on craigslist and decided that home has a much larger market of availability. We were able to get a one way rental for about $100 for a day and just drove home in one long drive, mostly overnight.

So now we are a one car (or should I say truck?) family for now. We are saving our dollars towards a minivan and hope to buy one before the end of the year.

I cried when we left the car at the junkyard. I cried again when I cashed the check and we headed home. I really liked my "tortoise" as the boys called the car. It was my car and it was a blessing in our lives and I really enjoyed driving it. I miss it every time I have to climb into the truck and drive somewhere. Plus I really don't like minivans. Four kids means minivan or SUV though.


Screwed Up Texan said...

See if you can find a crossover for a good deal on craigslist. Minivans are okay, but if I had my choice I'd get a crossover. I know what you mean though as far as not having a car payment--that is a blessing in itself. Good luck!

Bridget said...

For us 3 kids means a minivan or suv because they all will need car seats, so lets us know if you see anything good.

Miranda said...

Bridget, I've put 3 carseats into plenty of small cars successfully. Perhaps you have wider carseats than I've used. I'm sure you've already done your research, but just in case you haven't, may I suggest you try out 3 carseats in the back of your car before you go and make such a big purchase.
The bummer there is never having room for anyone else in your car when you have your entire family in it, not to mention the packing difficulties that come when you throw suitcases into the mix!

I will miss the tortoise, too! That car was such a lucky find! Good luck finding another!


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