Friday, August 06, 2010

Beach fun one

South Carolina Beach time... my sister Banana, brother Scoutboy, me and my kids. I love the South Carolina Beach. This is Edisto which is just beautiful. I've never been to the Pacific ocean beach to play, I've seen it, but its too cold for play like South Carolina which is like a big salty wave pool.

I didn't get many pictures this time because we were too busy chasing kids in the ocean. They did rest and build sandcastles with some other kids for a bit so I have pictures of that.

Munchkin jumped right into the waves, running after her brothers. Her first fall down and experience with the salty water left her with an interesting expression on her face and after that she preferred to be carried - but still wanted to go out in the waves. She also felt that she should be able to sit up on the boogie boards and ride over the waves that way.

Trainboy had no fear of the ocean and was happily playing in the waves with a boogie board.

Dinoguy was out to water up to his chest with his Uncle trying to body surf the bigger waves. Not easy on the mom to watch!

My sister said the funniest thing as we were leaving. She said we should take more adults to the beach with kids because she never got a chance to sit down and read her book. I had wondered why she had brought a book. It just made me laugh. She was so sweet and helpful. My brother was too most of the time. :)

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Miranda said...

I love that comment from your sister :D It illustrates perfectly the disconnect between life before kids and life after! She said yall should bring more adults, you wondered why she'd even brought her book in the first place.

Those kids are getting too big! Glad nobody drowned :D


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