Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are we still unschoolers?

My boys, Oct 2005
So as the start of traditional school is upon us, I am going to write this week all about our homeschooling.

So the big question: Are we still unschoolers?

Well... yes and no.

I still believe in delight directed learning and it still plays a major role in our homeschooling. Dinoguy has requested to study all sorts of things this past year and so we have.


I don't like the term unschooling for several reasons and have stopped using it. It is a negative term IMHO, because it is constantly referring to school and the need to get away from it. I like to focus on the positive in my life and referring to ourselves with a word that I feel is largely negative doesn't work for me. It is also a term that has been largely hijacked by radical unschoolers who want to define EXACTLY what unschooling is and what it is not. I get the need to describe what you are doing, but delight directed learning IMHO does not mean not taking classes or using texts if that is what the child is interested in and asking for, and many will say that the minute you do those things, you are no longer unschooling.


Basically I stopped calling us unschoolers at some point last year and started saying home schoolers. What exact kind, I'm not sure and I don't worry too much about it. I've done more research and reading to try and figure out what kind of homeschooling we are doing (eclectic probably?) and have continued to follow the kids needs and interests. Like I said, we still use delight directed learning and I still believe in living books and resources over icky textbooks. But I am more concerned with other things than making sure we are "true" unschoolers.

So yes, we are delight directed learning based home schoolers. But no, I don't really like or use the term unschooling anymore.
My boys, July 2010

Tomorrow I will recap the past year of our educational life.

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Emily Widdison said...

I would love to be a student in your homeschool--you guys have so much fun learning! I couldn't do it though...I don't have the patience. Those boys are DANG handsome!


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