Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beach fun two

After a lovely adventure to get Fixitman, it was time to head to the beach again! (His bus left late, and kept getting later until he missed his connecting bus in Atlanta by 5 minutes. The next bus didn't get him there until the next day so he caught a different bus headed in the right direction, though not to where we were and I got in the car and drove 2 hours to intercept him and pick him up.)

We went to Kiawah again, because hey, I know I like it! :D (And since they started charging for parking on Folly, it was cheaper to go to Kiawah with my mom's annual pass.)

Dinoguy's head is in the background, Trainboy in the front.
We were joined by most of my siblings (except the bride to be who was a bit busy!) and most of my cousins (and she was excused since she'd just had a baby). It was a lot of fun. Dinoguy latched onto the adult men to take him out to play in the waves since Fixitman was taking care of sleep Munchkin. Trainboy had Aunts and girl cousins taking him out and playing with him. I actually was able to take some pictures! Don't you love our giant tent setup? I thought it was pretty awesome. Of course, on our last trip, we tried to set up one of those standard umbrellas like you see next to us. I dug down deep for it, but it kept getting blown away anyway. Watching how quickly the guys set up the tent and took it down was pretty neat.

I did try body surfing once and discovered that a big pregnant belly adds a lot of drag. I did catch a wave for a bit but was huffing and puffing and sore from the attempts that I decided I better stop.

Munchkin woke up and enjoyed being carried around in the water. She was very clear: Hold me and carry me out in the water!

I think that we could have stayed hours more than we did but we needed to go pick up tuxedos and head up to Columbia that night for the early morning wedding.

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